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Veteran Journalist and celebrated Arts critics Mr Jahman Anikulapo surprised the housemates, as he paid a visit to the celebrity housemates reality TV show house in Ibeju Lekki Lagos.

It was a fabulous experience as everywhere was filled with great excitement, and the housemates anticipated learning from his pool of experience in the Arts and Entertainment industry.

One of the high point of the visit was when he laid emphasis on Fela Anikulapo’s artistic advocacy, urging the contestants to start advocating for “Artistic politics” because artistic politics can aid and help out in what an artist truly represents.

The guest was in the House to remind the Housemates on how to remain a celebrity in their various arts.

Keeping their promise of having other celebrities interact with contestants of the show, the producers of Celebrity Housemates had earlier brought Ace comedian, Ali Baba and the CEO of Ovation Magazine, Ovation TV and online newspaper The Boss to grace the mansion with their presence.

Momodu visited the mansion on Friday January 19, acting as a guest speaker and a mentor to the housemates.

Anikulapo’s visit was a very different one as the veteran Arts journalist with a very enviable curriculum vitae shared his experience and knowledge coupled with his bunch of immeasurable ideas with the housemates as they watched and took notes of everything said.

In his address he advised the housemates to concentrate on their arts and always believe in professionalism, which will aid them to get to greater height in their various areas of profession.

As an actor and Musician, you should use your role as an eye for the public to advocate for cultural artistic policy, because “Arts” is a unifying tool.

Adding that, after the Nigerian war, arts was used to bring people back together as a unity force, heal wounds, and put smile on peoples face. Arts according to Jahman Anikulapo is all about participation.

He also implore them never to allow the fame supersede their craftsmanship as this might not lead them far, laying some significant emphasis on past famous actors and artiste who all started well and after a while they got carried away with fame which later contributed to their downfall and made their name irrelevant in the industry and beyond.

Housemates later engaged in outdoor game, sack race. Rugged man won the group round but the single round was won by speedster Junior Pope. Eniola Badmus on her part had a bit of rough start in the group race but managed well in the singles, even though she came last in ranking, she still got over to the last dotted line.

The first major task of the day was the poetic madness. Contestants were given poems by writers which they were to render in exact words accompanied by dramatization. Each contestant picked a spot in the house from where they delivered their lines.

Chelsea Eze performed two poems; “Poverty is a gift- by Mark Heathcote” and “the curse of poverty – by Ramesh Rai”. In the first she expressed the character of a father and son, in a discussion on poverty. While in the second, she took on the character of an elderly man speaking to the nations.

Doris Simeon rendered two poems on “corruption” the first by Pug Rollins and the other by Eniola Otoki. Her rendition of the first poem was of a female corrupt politician. The second poem included the corruption of both leaders and the common man.

Ruggedman on his part had two poems with deferring themes. He performed a piece on poverty titled “sonnet: the magic of poverty – By Dr. A. Celestine” talks about the uses to which one could channel poverty. The second poem he dramatized was “Innocence lost – By Eniola Otoki” where he interpreted the inherent theme of child molestation in the piece, dressed as a woman who happens to be the poet persona.

“Motherland – By Eniola Otoki” and “Born in Africa – By St. Antoine de la Vuadi” are poems that appreciate our origin as Africans, Nigerians. They were interpreted by Junior Pope who utilized the spirit and symbol of legendary African advocate Fela Anikulapo Kuti to pass his message across.

Pieces on human trafficking such as “Humans for sale – By Princess Ninann” and “Slavery on freedom day – By Margo May” express the issue of child trafficking and slavery even in the modern society. Rather than dramatize, Yomi Fash Lanso delivered a very strong poetic recital of both pieces.

The poet persona interpreted by Fredrick Leonard was that of a man who had been suppressed for years and had fought it, finally prevailing in his decision to overcome self-oppression. The piece “Revolution” was written by Philips Adewale Samuel.

Eniola Badmus rendered two poems on child molestation; “Sticks and stones – By Jfarrell” and “I lend my voice – By Eniola Otoki”. While the first poem expressed the pain and suffering of the molested years after the molestation had ended, the second had the persona, fighting and encouraging others who had suffered molestation.

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