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Cardi B Talks Fear Of Being A One Hit Wonder, Relationship and More In New Interview

While the  world is still celebrating rap act, Cardi B following her hit track, ‘Bodak Yellow’  the singer has revealed her biggest fear in new interview with Rollin Stone where she also talks about her relationship with her fiance, Offset.

Card’s Bodak Yellow”  which was released in June 2017, in September,  it took the top spot of the Billboard Hot 100 making her the first female to hit the spot in 20 years with an uncollaborative single.

Talking to Rollin Stone about this feat, Cardi said she is scared of not being a one hit wonder as the expectation is now high.

If you go broke and lose your career, it’s bad – and everybody is talking’ s*** about it! At least if you lose your 9-to-5 you don’t got millions of people judging you and talking s*** while you lost your job.

I got six, seven solid songs that I like, but I wonder if a month from now, I’m going to change my mind.

It’s not as fun to do music. My mind doesn’t flow as free ’cause I have so much on my mind.

Cardi B also talked about her struggles with school:

It was very frustrating – you have to pay for everything. When I finally got a job at Amish Market, I had to debate, “Do I wanna go to class or do I wanna finish my shift?”

She took up stripping, a career move suggested by her Amish market boss. She told Rolling Stone: “A lot of people wonder, ‘Why would anybody want to be a dancer?’ Because there’s money!”

She thought of returning to school and eventually enrolled, but dropped out because she felt like she “was already failing. It was such a disappointment.”

She felt she was destined to do something creative, leading her to a performing arts school. She’d sing and act and write poetry, and to make her friends laugh, she’d rewrite songs, sometimes by Beyonce, and make them “waaaay sluttier.”

She became an Instagram sensation, amassing over 100,000 followers, by making playful videos about scamming men.

She met Offset by chance in New York in February. “We polish each other,” she said. “I could always ask him, ‘Do you think this is OK to do? Do you think I’m getting tricked?’”

She’s always been open about her intention to marry him, and Offset proposed to her while they performed together at a concert in Philadelphia.

Asked where she sees herself in 25 years, Cardi B said: “I see myself cursin’ at my kids.”


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