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Can We Talk About What Kim Kardashian Was Thinking When She Wore This Crop Top?


By now we all know that Kim Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she told the host that she received the phone call from Donald Trump to discuss pardoning the prisoner Alice Marie Johnson while she was naked, in the middle of a shoot with photographer Steven Klein.

But can we quickly discuss what she was wearing? Because it’s confusing.

Whereas her tank top, velvet Lisa Marie Fernandez leggings, reflective sunglasses from the Rihanna Dior Collection, Yeezy Season 6 black heels, and new bob haircut that she debuted over the weekend appeared perfectly normal onscreen, when Kim was on her feet, the outfit gave her the appearance that she was wearing, well, a tail.

A closer look at more snapshots of Kim, however, proves that her top was simply occasionally misbehaving. When set free from between her legs, the tail turned out to be attached to the front of a cropped shirt.



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