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Big Boobs Will Never Be A Problem With This Pool Float


Everyone knows that a cute pool float makes for a great Instagram-able moment all our feeds need. There’s nothing more picture perfect than chilling with your champagne on a convertible floatie.

But there’s a problem that women know all too well. Yep, laying on your stomach if you have big boob.

This lilo has a hole for your boobs so you can lie on your front 

What started as an April Fools’ joke is now a reality, after a number of women loved the idea of a pool float with room for your boobs.

The float is designed to have “cups” where your boobs can rest when you lie on your front, so you don’t have to worry about them getting squished. The British lingerie brand announced the “lilo” ( British for pool float) release with a post that reads,

“You asked for it so here it is… a lilo for Bravissimo girls, with room for your boobs! When we posted on our social networks an April Fools’ joke about developing a lilo with room for your boobs, we were not expecting hundreds of you to tell us that you really, really wanted one… but your reaction made it clear that we had to do it! We turned it around in record time to make sure you could buy one in time for summer – so here it is! We really hope it floats your boat!”


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