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Beverly Osu’s Catholic Nun-themed Shoot: Is Profanity Justifiable in Arts?

Former Big Brother Africa contestant Beverly Osu has been a trending topic online this week due to her recent shoot with a magazine that seemed to have ruffled quite some feathers as it’s targeted at a certain religious set and going contrary to its values. Beverly Osu starred in the ‘provocative’ shoot where she posed as a Catholic nun holding a cigarette and dressing quite suggestively. She immediately came under fire by a bunch of Christians who deemed the move to be wrong and demeaning of the Catholic doctrine, a part which is because of Christians are very tolerant unlike the Muslim community as she wouldn’t dare such ‘contradictory’ concept wearing a hijab.

See the things that were said of Beverly these past days:


While this is a beautiful shoot as I personally love all the pictures and the attitude Beverly exuded with these outfits, it sure doesn’t diminish the fact that a certain set was disrespected and I’m not Catholic even. You’d agree with me that the sensibilities of staunch Catholics aren’t catered for here even though Beverly says she’s a Catholic herself. A lot might want to come from an angle of “after all, Catholic priests have been molesting youths” but it still doesn’t justify that a doctrine is being maligned because those are personal sins and doesn’t collectively define the Catholic set in any way.

Let’s analyse from this angle, what Beverly wore is a uniform designed and used by Catholics nuns. There is definitely a meaning or significance behind different uniforms. It’s like some sort of a badge worn peculiarly by a certain set and in this shoot, you can see how Bev suggestively rocked the piece. Moreso was she clutching a cigarette and a rosary which is another sacred Catholic symbol as it is tantamount to having a Bible or Qur’an & Tasbih in the case of Anglican/Pentecostal Christians and Muslims respectively. Catholics are quite right to get angry just like any other set would if they feel their sensibilities are being disrespected. A lot of Christians are quite comfortable with this because it doesn’t necessarily affect them but best believe, someone could be recorded burning a Bible or Qur’an and call it “Arts” like she quipped.

In our quest to be open-minded and less judgemental, we shouldn’t displace the essence of respecting that our values, ideologies and doctrine would vary with others. There should be strict adherence to what other people believe in especially regarding religion. As you respect the Muslims and not throw around the hijab just anyhow or as you respect the Nigerian Army and avoid wearing camo or any armed forces uniform as much as possible while in Nigeria, I see no reason why we shouldn’t do same to Catholics in this regard because they don’t enforce threats or violence. You cannot tell Catholics to not get mad because it doesn’t directly affect you; while I cannot cast aspersions at Beverly and the people who put together this shoot as I love it, anything and everything controversial, I also do not want to displace individuality because this is some people’s religion and you cannot force them to not hold it highly.

Beverly Osu is no stranger to controversy as she’s been met with them from her time in the Big Brother Africa house. From when she accused her ex-boyfriend, rapper 2Shotz to be physically abusive when she was 20. She also revealed that her mother was deported from the United States. She further disclosed that she’s had an abortion.

Then her nude lookbook titled “Beverly’s Book Of Pose”.

She also revealed in the Big Brother house that host the then host of the show- IK Osakioduwa is a regular at Lagos nightclubs which IK’s wife didn’t take lightly and called Bev a “Famzer”. Now we are here and wondering what Beverly has for us next.

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