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Balenciaga Just Released Designer High Heeled Crocs And We Have No Idea What To Make Of It


Recently, Crocs caused quite a stir when it debuted a high-heeled version of its humble closed-toed slides.

But, just in case you wanted a slightly fancier, designer version Balenciaga has you covered. The brand took the sensible, waterproof shoe to another level when it posted this photo on Instagram.

As of now, there’s no more information on the pumps other than the fact that they exist and it’s unclear if this is a collaboration with Crocs or just a design inspired by the rubbery footwear.

One thing we do know is that Balenciaga has taken Crocs to new heights before. In October 2017, the two brands collaborated on a pair of platform Crocs, which then promptly and inexplicably sold out before they were even released in stores.

They cost $850, so you can get an idea of how much these new stilettos might be.


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