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ASOS Is Making Carrying A Bag That Looks Like A Mini Wastebin Look Cool


Looking for the perfect bag to complement your extreme cut-out jeans and make you the most on-trend person around? It turns out you don’t have to spend a load of cash.

Just steal a wastepaper bin from your office, attach a strap, and you’re done. If you don’t fancy DIY, ASOS is selling such a bag – by which we mean a bag that is essentially a small metal bin on a chain. Because apparently the hot trend in these days is straight up trash.

ASOS makes the case for carrying your junk in a miniature bin

Now we have the Caged Bucket Bag for, according to the product description, ‘those must-carry essentials’. We’re not sure why it’s now cool to carry around a very small bin instead of a proper bag, but we take solace in the news that clearly, we now have permission to carry around rubbish all day. All those receipts and chewing gum wrappers in our current bag will make loads more sense in a trashcan.

If you fancy hopping aboard this particular trend train, you can get the bag for £30 (N14,400) for ASOS.


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