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Apple To Roll Out 70+ New Emojis Including Curly Hair Emoji


Apple announced that they’re two of more than 70 new emojis that are rolling out to an iPhone near you. The expansion comes in honor of World Emoji Day yesterday and offers another batch of diverse “people emojis,” bringing representation to those with red, greying, curly, or bald heads.

According to Apple, the expansion is set to download automatically with a software update to iOS 12 later this year, and will include 70+ new emojis. In addition to the new “people” joining the lineup, users can also expect to express themselves with a new cold-faced emoji, a triple heart-faced emoji, a party hat emoji, and a pleading-face emoji.

Also are a few choice foods and animals. A cupcake, a mango, a moon cake, and a head of lettuce join on the food front, while the emoji animal kingdom welcomes a peacock, a kangaroo ad a parrot. Additional emojis include male and female superheroes, a softball, a nazar amulet, and an infinity symbol, all set to launch later this year.


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