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Anthonia Okokon Of “Dive Into Mauve” Is Our Ultimate Work Style Inspiration


Picking your work outfits for the week or even daily is probably one of the most tedious thing ever. More often than not, you find yourself repeating outfits or settling for the same boring look because you either do not know any better or because there is a strict corporate dress code at your place of work and you don’t know how to work around that.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure, work style doesn’t have to be boring and if you’re a style girl, you can find a way around even the strictest dress codes and turn the lemons into lemonades.

If there’s one person who does a good job of making work style anything but boring, it is fashion blogger, Anthonia Okokon of Dive Into Mauve (you might know her on Instagram and Twitter as @villagegirl___).

Aside her fashion blogging, Anthonia, like most of us, has to work a 9 to 5, and she does it with such enviable style. Monochromes, pencil skirts, Ankara jacket, white shirt, wide-legged pants and so on, impeccably mixed and matched to create a variety of corporate chic styles that you’ll surely want to adopt or be inspired by.

See a few of our favourite picks below.




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