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Angelina Jolie subtly disses ex-husband, Brad Pitt; She implies he didn’t stand by her, like the kids

Angelina Jolie is unexpectedly detailing the reasons for her divorce from ex-husband, Brad Pitt and in a recent interview with New York Times, she disclosed how she and the kids have been handling the divorce saying “None of it is easy, It’s very, very difficult, a painful situation, and I just want my family healthy.”

That’s like subtly saying the family weren’t healthy while her marriage with Brad was on and also admitted that the kids are not where she’d want them to be yet.

When asked if her family is ‘healthy’ now, “They’re getting better.” She replied

She also commended her kids for sticking with her at the trying moment “They really help me so much, We’re really such a unit, they’re the best friends I’ve ever had. Nobody in my life has ever stood by me more.” That comes off more like a subtle shade to Brad Pitt…like meaning he didn’t stand with her during their marriage of over 10 years?


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