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All Thanks To Beyonce, Vogue Is Getting Its Cover Shot By A Black Photographer For The First Time In 126 Years


What would we ever do without Beyonce?! The superstar is saving the world – once again – and we couldn’t be more thankful.

So news in the vineyard is that the singer is billed to be the September cover star for Vogue Magazine. And for the cover, she has been given “unprecedented control” by Anna Wintour to do with the images both outside and in the magazine as she pleases, as well as be in charge of the captions on each photo.

And because she’s always one to push for black excellence, the mother of three and champion of black magic, hired 23-year-old photographer, Tyler Mitchell to shoot her for the issue. This is so significant because as shocking as it may be, it’s the first time in Vogue’s 126 years of existence that the publication’s cover will be shot by a black photographer.

The power of the Queen Bey!


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