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Advertising & Marketing Communications Maestro Biodun Shobanjo Talks Business Trajectory on Binging with GameChangers Episode 6

Biodun Shobanjo is the most famous advertising and marketing communications practitioner in Nigeria with about 40 years of corporate experience, entrepreneurial savvy and multi-disciplinary industry experience. He is the chairman of Troyka Group, which is holding company for his many accomplished entities such as Insight Communications, Optimum Exposure, Media Perspectives, MediaCom, The Quadrant Company and Halogen Security.

On episode 6 of Binging with GameChangers, he chats with show host, Seyi Banigbe, about his humble beginnings and evolving career.  From starting his first company at the age of 34 after working for several years, to transforming his then 18-man team to a group of companies comprising over 18,000 employees, Shobanjo’s career trajectory is unparalleled.

Watch the episode here:

Part 1

Part 2

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