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Actor Godwin Maduagu comes out as gay after denying leaked sex video

Actor Godwin Maduagu has finally admitted to being gay one year after denying his viral sex video.

The actor was in the news in January last year after his gay sex video circulated on the internet.

At the time, Godwin Maduagu had denied claims he was gay. He also alleged his photo was attached to the video just to blackmail him.

However, in a recent TikTok video, the actor turned Instragram influencer said he is now living his truth. He also alleged his close friends set him up and blackmailed him with the sex tape.

“After getting a better life for myself, my close friends set me up, blackmailed me and leaked my sex tape. I became depressed and almost committed suicide.

“My family saved me by giving me words of encouragement and advice that kept me going. Looking at me now living my truth because I’ve now got a strong thick skin. Love is love. Say no to blackmail. What will people say have killed a lot of people,” he said.

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