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7 Years After & We’re Still Drawing Inspiration From Amy Winehouse’s Style Choices


Yesterday, July 23rd marked the 7th year anniversary of British soul singer Amy Winehouse‘s death. She gave us bops like “rehab” and “back to black”.

But while many recall the tragic way her life was cut short after a reported drug overdose, we decided to round up 5 times she was major style and beauty inspiration.

She was pretty much her own style inspiration and rarely went with whatever trend happened to be the in thing.

1. Her retro beehive hair-do

It would be almost impossible to write a list of iconic Amy Winehouse looks without including her most favored hair-do. It’s all but impossible to see that up-do and not think of Winehouse.

2. That perfectly winged eyeliner

I mean she was clearly light years ahead of us all and was regularly appearing with dramatic eye makeup. Just look at that winged eyeliner!

3. The wide waist belts

It’s pretty difficult to find Amy wearing a dress and not pairing it with a wide waist belt. Of course, in typical Amy fashion, they were all black and as retro as they come.

4. Short, very short, dresses

From floral to little black dresses that soul and jazz singers are famed for wearing, Amy’s wardrobe seemed to have an infinite amount of short dresses. Not that we ever complained.

5. Amy’s unique hair accessories

Amy’s beehive was regularly adorned with accessories, from a red bandana or silk scarf to a crown of roses. One of her most memorable hair accessories was this classic tattoo-inspired pin, with her husband’s name “Blake” on a white ribbon across the red heart.


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