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5 Times Being A Kardashian Must Really Have Sucked


They’ve been referred to as the Internet’s first family and are definitely one of the most talked about families in the world. From family drama to messy love lives, this family and its members have long since learned how to mine fame and turn it into revenue.

But it hasn’t always been pleasant being in the public eye. Here are 5 times it definitely sucked being a Kardashiann.

1. That time the world found out Blac Chyna was pregnant for Robert Kardashian

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Yeah like any of us need reminding about that drama. It might not seem like a big deal but when you recall that Blac Chyna had a son for Tyga who was at the time still dating Kylie Jenner then… Well you get the point.

It doesn’t help either that Blac Chyna got pregnant within weeks and had a child which is the heir to the Kardashian name. Sheesh.

2. When Kim’s marriage ended, after just 72 days

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Of course it was an utter disaster and if you were one of the people binge watching their reality show, you’d notice the cracks began to show pretty early.

Never mind that they spent millions of dollars on the wedding, the duo called it quits 72 days later. It’s 2018 and while Kim may have long since moved on with Kanye West,her short marriage is still the butt of manyyjokes.

3. Kendall Jenner’s disastrous Pepsi advert

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Ah that. Not only was it insensitive but it was badly timed as well. This is one disaster that the Kardashian’s were able to rub off quickly as Pepsi did issue a statement taking responsibility.

However, many of us did hope that Kendall would have stood up to refuse taking part in something that seemingly discounted claims of police brutality.

4. Bruce Jenner becomes one of the girls

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Pride month may just be finishing but how could we forget Bruce turned Caitlyn Jenner? It might not be a big deal when a man comes out as transgender and proceeds to transform into a woman. But when that man is a former Olympic champion with at least 4 kids and married twice?

It didn’t help either that he was mixed up with the Kardashian spotlight. If there was ever a time it sucked to be a Kardashian, it had to be then.

5. When Khloe was forced to deny rumors Robert Kardashian wasn’t her father

Why Khloe Kardashian kept her pregnancy secret from her family

Khloe Kardashian has been plagued with speculation about whether Rob Kardashian is her ‘real dad her whole life, and finally responded to the claims on Twitter in July 2017.


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