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5 Signs He Is A Serial Cheat


Sometimes in relationships, we choose to ignore the obvious and not-so-obvious red flags either because we really don’t know that they’re red flags or because we just want to hang on to the initial green light and spark we got at the beginning of the relationship.

Whatever group you belong to, it’s important that you know what these red flags are and identify them on time before things get out of hands and your heart is left completely shattered.

Below, I share 5 signs that shows the man you’re dating just might be a serial cheater. Thank me later!

  • His texting goes hot and cold

This is common with guys who have so many other girls they are keeping up with due to sudden disinterest.

The main changes you should be concerned about are those that result in them being unavailable to spend time with you. If your partner fixes a date with you and then suddenly bails out without any reasonable explanation or gets busier than usual, know that he is having all his time dedicated to other people.

  • He is over protective of his phone

Everyone knows it’s not cool to go through someone’s phone, but when he jumps anytime it looks like you’re going near his phone, or suddenly starts using a security code, deleting call log and text messages, hmmm, you need to be very worried sis.

  • He has many friends of the opposite sex

If your partner has a lot of female friends and prefers spending time with them than he does with you, chances are he’s cheating with one or all of them.

  • Your sex life with him is suddenly different:

So the sex which used to be so steamy and mind-blowing suddenly goes bleh, and he begins to show less interest in having it with you, he’s most probably getting it from other people.



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