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5 Reasons Why Men Love Missionary Sex


Many have tried to go for other more interesting positions in order to achieve mind blowing sex but it doesn’t mean the good old missionary position isn’t great for a reason. Or five.

For women the reasons seem pretty obvious because I mean, you get to have all the fun with so little effort. But for the men, here are a few less obvious reasons why they love missionary sex.

1. It’s very intimate

It’s also easy enough to be pressed up against each other. Not every position affords that, and even fewer give you the option for both.

2. It’s absolutely perfect for early morning or late night sex

Still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and you’re barely awake yet? If you want to take care of his morning wood but he can’t form a full sentence yet, this is perfect.

3. It’s easy for him to hide his cum face

He can bury his head in the nape of your neck so you don’t have to see him moan while making a face that is pretty interesting.

4. He gets to set the pace

He’s in control, which means he can find a rhythm he likes. Hopefully he’s not that selfish until he’s taken care of you first, though.

5. He’s gets a great view of all your assets

He can push up on his arms and get a great view of all of you as he thrusts you to a climax. There’s nothing that turns a man on more than seeing you climax.


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