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5 Questions You Should Be Asking On A First Date


The dating game can be quite unforgiving to its players but being forearmed with a little knowledge on tactics like questions you should be asking before you fall all in could save you the heartbreak.

You might be shy and want to avoid seeming too much like an interrogator so it’s best not to ask very probing questions. Inside, start with the small stuff and work your way upwards.

1. “Are you married?”

Please sister, ask him if he’s married. If it means putting him on the spot, don’t hesitate. Everyday we beguiled with tales of broken hearts from women having known nothing about their partners other life until it’s far too late.

He may evade the question or out-rightly lie to you but if you’re on the lookout for truth and press him further, you may just be able to discern the truth from the lies.

2. “What do you like to do for fun?”

It might seem like a very generic question to ask but it’s one that allows you gain some insight as to how your prospective partner typically lives. If you ask this question and they seemingly struggle to come up with an answer or reply too little enthusiasm and you’re a highly ambitious individual, this could be a major red flag.

3. “Where do you see yourself in five years?”

This question does not have a right or wrong answer but gives you a general idea of where their head is at and what they plan to achieve in the near future.

If for example they plan to move to another country altogether or ai to have settled down with a bunch of children but it goes very much in the opposite direction of what you’re working towards it’s okay to ditch them.

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4. “What are your pet peeves?”

It sounds bad, but people love to commiserate over stuff they hate. Getting your date to dish on all the things that grind their gears can easily tell you whether you’ve just met a potential match or someone with whom you are completely incompatible.

Some of their pet peeves may be things you could both possibly come to a concession over, others not so much. It’s totally worth getting pet peeves out of the way before considering if a second date is in the horizon.

5. “What do you do for a living?”

This question may make you seem like you’re trying to make a guess at what they earn but the point of it is to understand what your date does to get by. It also may just give you both a common interest if you both happen to work in the same industry.

It’s definitely one of the questions you want to get out of the way if you want to go on more dates.


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