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5 Low Budget Date Ideas For Lagos Couples


Life in the big city of Lagos can be expensive and overwhelming, but you are up for an adventure you could spice it up a bit with these 5 free and cheap date ideas in Lagos.

If you’re tired of the usual dates in Lagos or are also short on cash but will still like to ball with your partner on a budget, these date ideas are for you.

1. Go to a beach

Lagos is home to quite a number of beaches including Oniru beach, Takwa bay and Elegushi beach. You and your partner could pick a beach and plan a romantic visit there for next to nothing.

You could enjoy a walk on the beach, ride horses together and do a small picnic by the beach.

2. Head to Freedom Park

Aside from costing next to nothing to get inside and use the outdoor facility which was a former prison, it’s pretty rich with history if that’s your kind of thing.

If you’re lucky there might even be a show going on that you can both enjoy.

3. Watch a midnight movie at Surulere mall

Apart from the fact that it’s pretty romantic to watch a movie when the mall is a lot less crowded with families headed to Shoprite, it’s also a very cheap too.

Oh and did I mention that it ever so subtly takes care of the “what to do?” question that is frequently posed on Friday and Saturdays.

4. Hide out at Jazzhole

If your partner loves books, music and African artworks, the perfect haven is Jazzhole. It’s completely free to sit and read anything at all while indigenous music plays in the background.

They also sell freshly squeezed orange juice and carrot cake to nibble on too.

5. Lekki Conservation Center is a great place to be adventurous

Lekki conservation center is a date that is ideal if you’re looking to work with a budget. It’s also great if you’re into being adventurous and outdoors too.

If you are more laidack then you may choose to skip it’s famed canopy walk and take the walkways instead then reward yourselves with a quiet picnic.


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