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4 Things To Consider When Planning An Inter-tribal Wedding


Weddings are considerably difficult events to maneuver especially if it’s yours. The standards are high and the expectations even higher which mounts an incredible amount of tension on you if you’re the bride or groom of the prospective. From the financial responsibility to the emotionally overwhelmingness of it all it’s easy to miss the tiny details and certain things are overlooked.

The problem with overlooking these tiny details that it may inevitably lead to you offending other people, like your in-laws for instance. For intertribal weddings it’s easy to get caught up in the planning that you forget to take into consideration their own traditions and customs. Hence likely creating a disaster you could most likely have averted.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning ahead of an intertribal wedding.

1. Food
If there’s anything Nigerian weddings nationwide are known for its their food. People will practically honor your wedding invitation just to turn up for a plate of whatever is on the menu. But with an intertribal wedding it’s important to consider the food of both tribes and cater for both of them.

While some of your wedding guests will be more willing than others to experiment with food peculiar to a certain tribe other than their own, others will be more likely to go with what they are familiar with.

2. Traditional customs
Weddings signify the beginning of a union between two families and it’s vital to understand that for inter tribal marriages this means the blend of two cultures. The wedding thus seeks to be the first official blend of these two cultures and if you want it to go smoothly, it’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the culture of your partner.

This will help create a more seamless wedding and definitely help you ignorantly offending your in-laws.

3. Outfits
It may be your wedding day but you’re not the only one involved. While you may want to go all out and wear that dress which shows a little more skin, your in-laws may not quite agree with your choice. If you’re planning for an intertribal wedding you may want to consider what is expected of you from your partner’s side to avoid being on the wrong.

This also extends to traditional weddings too as some fabric designs and colors may be considered inappropriate for weddings.

4. Gifts
Souvenirs are considered one of the highpoints at Nigerian weddings and you can’t afford to get it wrong. It may not seem like something to be considered but when you realize that what you may consider a sentimental souvenirs to hand out may stir up a little resentment if it’s not appropriate or is considered offensive.

You may opt to go for more practical gifts rather than sentimental gifts just to stay on the safe side.


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