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4 Signs That Your Ex Is Still In Love With You


Breaking up is really hard and usually, both partners don’t move on at the same time or pace. When a couple ends things, there is almost always that point when at least one of them is hoping for a reconciliation.

Here are some of the major signs that your ex is still in love with you:

1. He still stays in touch

No matter how many times you try to make it clear that you should both move on, your ex constantly finds reasons to contact you. He may call, send you messages, like your social media photos or even pop up in your DM from time to time. He may not actually say he wants you back but these are not signs that he has moved on either.

2. He’s still pretty much involved with your life

A major sign your ex is still in love with you is if he asks your close family and friends about you. He may not approach you straight up to ask how you’re doing but he will show he cares about your well being in a few other ways.

3. He still wants to discuss your breakup

This may happen immediately after you end things or even a while later. When your ex starts wanting to have conversations about why you broke up or feels the need to reminisce about the relationship, then he’s hoping for a reconciliation. This is not the type of conversation you initiate when you’re over someone.

4. He’s jealous of the new guy and basically any guy at all

There’s no bigger sign that your ex is still in love with you than when he displays jealous behavior when you have a new man. Even if he seems to have moved on, being jealous of a new bae is a big sign that he still has feelings for you.

And just because we couldn’t resist adding an extra sign…

5. He still drops by, sometimes unannouced

Ugh! This might seem pretty cringe worthy but trust me, it’s actually happening out there somewhere as you read this. He might drop by under the guise of “checking on you” but don’t be fooled, he still is very much in love with you.


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