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My Husband Doesn’t Love Me Anymore


Isn’t it “for better, for worse” that we say when we exchange our marriage vows? Well, guess what? THAT SHIT IS SCAM! We only say it but don’t mean it. How do I know that? I married my husband who is 6 years older than I am, at the age of 24 after 3 years of courtship and we stayed happily married for 5 years. Until things began to change after the accident that happened on the night of our 5th year marriage anniversary…

I decided for us to dine in instead of eating out considering the fact that I was in no mood to go out. Because of my profession in catering, I knew there would be no regrets. Knowing that my husband gets home around 8pm, I decided to start my cooking by 5pm. So, I filled up the gas and got everything I’ll be needing ready. When it was time, I turned the switch of the gas the first time but it didn’t come on. I turned it off and tried it the second time but instead of coming on, it blew all over my face.

I survived it though but I was scarred badly. I couldn’t even look at myself. My husband lovingly took care of me for the first few months after I was discharged from the hospital. Within those months, I was nothing but grateful to God for giving me such an amazing husband.
But then he stopped.

He stopped taking care of the me with as much love as he had earlier, he left everything to my sister who came in to help after the accident. I understood because frankly, if i was in his shoes, I’ll also get tired. But now, he has gotten worse. He comes home later than usual and doesn’t even come home during the weekends. Even now that I’m strong enough to continue with my normal way of life, he deprives me of a lot of things. He sleeps with a separate duvet, rarely keeps me company, doesn’t take me out or even follow me to church. I feel so lonely. Ugly and lonely. What do I do? I want my man back the way he was when i married him. We promised to stick together even during the worst times. I’m calling out for help on what to do now because I’ve started accommodating suicidal thoughts and before it’s to late, I need help on what to do.

Our Advice: I can’t begin to imagine how pained you are at the moment. You should talk to your husband and explain how you feel. Communication is key, and sometimes, you need to be the one to initiate it. Also, try to make yourself happy, do the things that make you happy. It might be hard but do your best to go out and make new friends. And do not forget to talk to God. There are so many burn survivors that are still happily living their lives. If they can, then you can too!

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