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10 Royalty Rules Meghan Will Now Have To Follow


We all know by now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have completed the highest milestone any relationship can have: marriage.

But it doesn’t end there for Meghan, her new life and role as Duchess isn’t accompanied without a ton of rules she’ll have to learn to abide by.

Here are some of them:

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex

1. Female members of royalty can’t wear dresses or skirts more than an inch or two above the knee

Because the queen does not approve of hemlines higher than an inch or two above the knee Meghan will have to get rid of all her mini skirts and little black dresses. Regular female visitors such as Kate, Camilla, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are already aware of the fashion rule.

2. No signing of autographs

Even though she my have been an actress in the past, she isn’t allowed to sign autographs no matter the circumstances.

3. Dark and brightly colored nail polish is an absolute no!

Say bye bye to those long, bright pink extensions. You’re either to wear subtle pinks or clear polish when on official business because only natural-looking nails are allowed at royal events.

4. No personal social media accounts

Meghan’s not allowed to have her own social media page, which is why her own lifestyle blog and Instagram, The Tig, were closed shortly after the engagement was announced.

5. No selfies with the public

Turning your back to the Duke and Duchess and taking a selfie is discouraged if at all possible. It may be a fun thing to do and a great way to take home a souvenir but the members of the royal family would prefer to see your face.

Image result for meghan markle sitting cross legged

6. She won’t be allowed to cross her legs

It’s not something many of us consider but the new Duchess will have to do a lot of consideration next time she sits down. Like Kate Middleton, she will have to adopt the habit of crossing her ankles or slanting her legs when she sits.

7. Members of the royal family don’t play Monopoly, ever.

This might sound absurd but it is a rule that applies to members of the royal family. Apparently it can make players descend into flared tempers and well, we can’t have our monarchy doing that can we?

Related image

8. Wedge shoes? Nope, not allowed either.

Apparently the Queen doesn’t like the style much and the women in the family are all aware. While you can choose to wear them like Kate Middleton sometimes does, it can only be worn outside the presence of the queen.

9. No one is allowed to go to bed before the Queen

When Meghan stays over at the Queen’s house, she has to stay awake until the Queen falls asleep. It’s considered bad manners to call it a night before the monarch.

10. Members of the royal family also aren’t allowed to vote or voice their political opinions

Although Meghan has in the past voiced her opinion about things like Brexit and even supported Hilary Clinton in her run for president. But now that she has become a part of the royal family she is no longer allowed to.


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