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November Issue: Style Focus; Zainab Balogun’s Style

Effortless, understated, and simple are the words with which I would describe Zainab Balogun’s style. It’s not in your face yet it makes you give a second, third or probably fourth look.
She’s got the perfect and fit bod to pull of any style or type of outfit. Her legs definitely “do not lie” in those wide-legged pants trousers and mini skirts or dresses. Every curve is in the right place so she’s wearing every detail well.
The fact that she also hardly ever uses bogus or statement accessories is like an extra toppings on an already delicious cake. While I absolutely do not think there’s anything wrong with bogus or statement accessory, I believe it’s mandatory to know what works for you personally as regards fashion ( and I daresay in every aspect of life) and in this case, Zainab definitely knows what works for her.
She has perfected how to make herself stand out without looking overly flamboyant. She wears the cloths, they are definitely not wearing her.
Enjoy, as we bring you some of our favorite Zainab Balogun looks.



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