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Princess Adetutu Omobolanle Kasali at 50

A beautiful princess was born on the 10th September 1973, in Kainji, Niger state in Nigeria, the world was graced with the arrival of a remarkable individual, Adetutu Omobolanle Kasali. Today, as we celebrate Princess Adetutu’s 50th birthday, we reflect upon five decades of a life well-lived, filled with incredible experiences, achievements, and enduring relationships.

Early Years and Family-

Born into the loving embrace of parents, Queen Adetoro Olufumilayo and HRM Oba Mufutau Adesanya Kasali, The Moyegeso of Itele Kingdom.

Adetutu displayed an inherent curiosity and zest for life from an early age. Growing up in Ikoyi, Lagos, Adetutu was nurtured in an environment that instilled values of resilience, kindness, and determination.

Educational Pursuits and Career-

Adetutu’s insatiable thirst for knowledge led her to pursue higher education at University of Lagos, and further obtained a masters degree in Information Science at the University College of London, United Kingdom. This solid foundation paved the way for an illustrious career in Information Technology.

Family and Personal Life-

At the heart of Adetutu’s journey is her loving family. She is a devoted mother to her wonderful son Oluwaseyifumitan Moses.

Beyond the professional sphere, Adetutu is known for her passion of serving God/humanity. She finds joy and solace in volunteering to provide support for children in orphanage homes , she equally enriched their lives .

50 Years of Impact-

As she reaches this incredible milestone, we celebrate not only her personal achievements but also the impact on the lives of those around her . Adetutu is a true sister, friend, mentor, and inspiration to many, always ready with a kind word, a helping hand, or a word of wisdom.

The Future Awaits-

As Adetutu embarks on the next chapter of her life journey, we eagerly anticipate the adventures, accomplishments, and cherished moments that awaits this beautiful woman with a beautiful soul. Adetutu’s 50th birthday marks a milestone of wisdom, experience, and continued growth especially in the ways of God .

So, here’s to Adetutu Omobolanle Kasali, a shining example of a life well-lived, and to many more years of joy, love, and success. Happy 50th Birthday Slim, as she’s fondly called by family and friends.

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