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The month of May is usually dedicated to all children across the world as May 27th is set aside to celebrate them.
Thus, to commemorate the Children’s Day celebration this year, we have decided to feature the Daramola kids; Shawn Seyi, Oliva (mama), Oliana (lily) and Amariah (popo) popularly known by their Instagram handle as the @theunidenticalduo grace this special edition.

They are undoubtedly a force to reckon with when it comes to children modeling and fashion influencing in Nigeria, at same time, they keep breaking records academically. This says more about the brain behind their fashion brand, their mother’s zest for fashion and her level of creativity in ensuring that every photoshoot is professionally delivered.

In this interview with Mediaroomhub, the kids tell us through their mother who conversed with them on our behalf, what they love most about modeling, their favourite colours and more. We also spoke to the mother, Adetutu Daramola who spoke about her challenges as the creative director of the four super cool kids, how she balances their studies and modeling and how it all started amongst other juicy stuff.



Adetutu and Olakunle Daramola are the parents of these four adorable kids who are grace our special May Day edition.

It’s such an interesting package. Enjoy.

Adetutu : What’s your name?

Shawn . My name is Shawn Seyi Daramola

Adetutu: How old are you

Shawn: I am 7 years old


Adetutu: What is your name

Oliana : Oliana Daramola (lily)

Adetutu : How old are you?

Oliana: 5 years old

Adetutu : What’s your name ?

Olivia: Olivia Daramola (mama)

Adetutu : How old are you ?

Olivia: 5 years old


Adetutu : What’s your name ?

Amariah : Amariah Daramola (popo)

Adetutu : How old are you?

Amariah : 3 years old.

So I want you guys to get to know the kids a little bit so am going to ask some questions so you know how I cope with them at home.

Are you guys ready ?

All the children: We were born ready.

Adetutu: Who gives the most trouble in the house ?

Lily : Me!

Who complains the most in the house?

Mama and popo

Who is the strongest in the house ?

Seyi: Me!

Who eats the most in the house ?

Seyi and Popo

Who likes to play with her self In the house ?

Mama: Me!

Who is the best dancer in the house?

Lily: Me!

Who loves to complain most in the house ?


Who is the little twit bird in the house?


Adetutu: Lily what’s your favourite colour ?


Adetutu: Seyi what’s
your favourite colour?

Mine is white

Adetutu: Mama what’s your favourite colour?

Mine is purple

Adetutu: Popo what’s your favourite colour?


Adetutu: what’s your favourite cartoon popo?

Baby shark.

Adetutu: Did I also mention that popo is the foodie in the house she loves to eat? So what’s your favourite food ?

Popo: Chips and ketchup

Adetutu: What’s your favourite vegetable?

Popo: Carrot , potatoes, tomatoes, onion and broccoli

Adetutu: So why do you like vegetables popo?

Popo: Its makesme grow bigger and stronger .

Adetutu: Mama what’s your favourite food ?

Mama : spaghetti

Adetutu: What’s your favourite colour?

Mama: purple

Your favourite subject in school?

Mama: Maths

Mummy . Seyi what’s your favourite food?

Seyi: Pizza

Adetutu:Your favourite colour and favourite subject?

Seyi: White is my favorite colour and my favourite subjects are science and English

Adetutu: Lily what’s your favourite food?

Lily : Noodles

Adetutu: Your favourite subject?

Lily: Yoruba

Adetutu: Okay so let discuss something a bit, who wants a brother?

All of the children: me!

So Tutu whenever I think about children models the unidentical duo comes to my mind. How did it all start?

When I had the twins cause I just got back from the state I went to a party and I meet Aunty Azuka but before then I love playing dress up with my kids cause I really dont like social media so Aunty Azuka was like Tutu you need to start dressing these kids and be posting them on Instagram saying they will do so well and all of that my other friends said the same thing to me that was how they opened me an Instagram account and posted two pictures of them but I was on private for a while reason being that there is a lot of terrible things happening and all of that. So, yes Aunty Azuka is part of the people who told me to go into this whole thing so it’s just a hobby for me even when I was pregnant with popo I still styled the twins like 8 different styles just to create content. I had a cesarean section I was with popo for like four days and kept posting pictures so it’s a passion is something I love to do no matter what how tired I am I still can’t do with dressing them up in two weeks cause its something I love doing.

You once talked about starting a children brand ?

Yes, I have started a children brand but my future for the business is not just selling children wears casue there are a lot if people doing though I sold a lot during Christmas even though I didn’t put it out there but I dont want to sell cloth I want to sell style I want to be able to put pieces together I want to sell style like high fashion , high street kids and all sort of styles that is what I really want to do.

I know your kids have been on the runway. Which show have they done recently?

Oh they have done quite a few like cantu, Eko hotels and we have two major one coming up I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag we have done quite a few like Lagos fashion week amongst other.


Your kids are always busy with photoshoots, do they really have time for there studies?

To those smart ones that know how to create content ,my kids dont shoot everyday my kids go to school mondays to friday and immediately they get back from school they go right into lessons my children dont even get the time to watch TV on school days and if you know my husband you will know that he doesn’t play shawn is 1 in his class e bad as e bad 4th position so they really do well their dad is an Ekiti man and you know ekiti people like education so he doesn’t play when he comes to their education am the one that create my content in one day like I can go to a studio and shoot and of course my kids read and do well in school but it actually bothered me for a while but it’s all over know so yeah they do very well in school.


Does it mean you are a full time house wife?

I used to do business before but yes I am now a full time house wife.

So what did you study?

Hmmm, I studied philosophy and psychology at the university of Lagos.

Could you wish all the children a happy children’s day?

Happy children’s day to every children in the
world we love you and we are rooting for you , so in this pandemic season is the time for love and friendship and we should shine the brightess together so someone love in any little way you can show someone love give if you can ,let’s all appreciate each other live is to short for hate and anything that isn’t good uplift someone spirit, together this shall pass and together we shall overcome and to our viewers dont forget to wash your hands, use a sanitizer and pray to God stay home and stay safe. And also shout out to media room hub .

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