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A few weeks ago, a viral video of a little school girl, Success Adegor, surfaced on the internet where the smart and outspoken primary school girl was being questioned by her neighbour, Stephanie, as to why she was returning home rather too early from school on that fateful day. Replying in an outburst, Success said she was going home because she was sent away from school for not paying her exams fee. Adding that she should have been flogged instead of being sent away by her teachers.

Speaking further, Success said she had actually pleaded with the school authority to be given the grace of a few days, but all her efforts failed.

Of course, situations such as this call for concern amongst many Nigerians as there are many similar cases out there. Thus, within the space of 24 hours, celebrities and individuals alike raised funds in order to ensure that Success remains in school and yes, they made it happen.

Well, the Success incident came with a lot of controversies which prompted us to reach out to her and her parents for an interview. Thus, in this conversation with us, Success talks about how she met Stephanie, whether or not her parents appreciated Stephanie thereafter, how the incident was actually one of several others in the past, her future ambition, how she feels about stardom and more.

Similarly, her father, Mr. Godwin Adegor addresses the rumour making rounds that his recent wedding to Success’ mother was out of the money contributed by Nigerians for Success’ education as he also reveals how he was attacked and being made to pay a sum to “Area Boys” who assumed he is now a rich man due to Success’ recent incident.
It’s such an interesting pack, do have fun reading.

*You were sent away from school recently for being unable to pay your exams fee on time, was it the first time it happened?*

No, this is not the first time. They used to send pupils away from school for not paying exam levy which is nine hundred naira (#900) so it wasn’t even just me.

*What actually happened the day you were sent away from school for not paying exams fee which led to your viral video?*

That day, I told my mum about the exam levy and she said she didn’t have it at the time but that I should go to school and tell them that I was going to pay the following Monday. So I went to school and they sent me away. This got me angry, why would they send me away just for not paying exams fee?

*How did you get interviewed by the lady you met (Stephanie) on your way back from school that same day?*

When I was going home, one of the students’ parent saw me and asked why I was going home at that time and I explained to her. She said we should go back to the school so she would beg them to let me stay but I said no, I needed to go and let my parents know before I met Stephanie who also asked me what happened without knowing that she was videoing me.

*Who is Stephanie to you?*

She is our neighbour and we are still friends and neighbours because God says you should love your neighbour as yourself.

*Did you hear that Stephanie said your parents didn’t appreciate her for making your video go viral?*

Yes I heard and we thank God who made it possible. We are not sad about what happened. Even when she was gifted a car and some money we were still happy for her. We did not plan it, it just happened. If I see her anywhere I’ll still greet her.

*What do you want to do after school?*

After my primary education, I’ll go to the university to read law and then learn how to preach the gospel.

*What does education mean to you?*

Education means everything to me. Without education, I won’t become a better person in the future.

*You have been travelling a lot lately, do you have time to read your books?*

Yes, I have time to read my books.

*After asking you to go home for not paying the exams fee. How did you resolve issues with your school management?*

People started sending in money so I was able to pay.

*Are you enjoying all the attention you get from social media and the general public?*

Yes, I’m enjoying it but just a little bit because I don’t have enough time to rest.

*Do you have an idea if your parents have started any business from the donations you’ve gotten so far?*

No. My parents are still planning on how to make sure that they properly invest the money into my education and that of my siblings before they venture into any business.

*Is there anything else you want at the moment?*

The school that they said they were going to renovate, they’ve not done it yet. Even the jobs they promised my parents nothing has been done about that yet. Especially the government officials, they only promise and fail. They make these promises publicly just for attention but they don’t fulfil them.

*Rumour has it that you’ve met the president and you’ve been given a visa. How true is this?*

It’s a lie! I have neither met the president nor the governor. I don’t have any visa either.

*We also heard that your dad no longer ride his bike (okada) and that you guys have moved into a mansion*

It’s not true. My dad still rides his bike and we’ve only moved into a one bedroom apartment.

*If someone wants to adopt you from your parents to give you a better lifestyle because you are very smart, would you accept?*

If my parents are not going with me I won’t accept it. Even if they say they will be sending money to my parents from time to time, I won’t accept that.

*What do you have to say to other kids*

I would say all kids should try and go to school. Stop being reluctant about your education. Education is key. They don’t know what God has in store for them and nobody knows tomorrow. So they shouldn’t play with their education.

*Your parents just got married, how do you feel about that?*

I feel very happy. I took a lot of photos that day.



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