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Could you briefly introduce yourself?
My name is Sarah Bassey, I’m a graduate of Computer Science from the University of Uyo. I am from a family of seven; my parents and four siblings. I’m from Akwa-Ibom. I work with my husband, by helping with planning and getting him ready for the ministry.
What were you doing before you got married to your husband?
I was pretty much serving in church, that’s how we met. He came to my church to minister and I was in the protocol team that welcomed him and got him ready.
Your husband mentioned and commended you during the Hallelujah Festival for being very handy around the house, was this something you did even before you got married?
Yes, I didn’t just start being handy now, my dad is very handy too so I guess I learnt it from him. My dad used to call me his apprentice.
As an introvert and seeing that you are very close to your husband, how do you cope when  he’s not around?
The kids keep me very busy and then the Holy Spirit helps me too.
Would you describe your husband as a romantic person? What’s the most romantic gift or the best valentines gift he’s given you?
Yes he is romantic but he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He says we should love every day and it shouldn’t only be on Valentine’s Day. There are so many gifts he’s given me so I can’t really pick out one.
Has being married to your husband led you closer to God?
Yes it has, he has led so many others to God and he has really helped me too personally. I can gladly say that I’m not where I was spiritually when I met him.
If you were not working for your husband, was there something else you would have wanted to do?

If I had my way, I would still do what I’m doing now because there’s some joy I get working with him. So I would do this over and over again. Same as I would love being Mrs Bassey over and over again.

Since the end of the ‘Hallelujah Challenge’, I’m sure your husband has been getting lots of calls, are there changes in terms of privacy that you wish you could avoid since the challenge?
Well those are things one would have to deal with. We will get used to it by God’s grace.
What is your opinion about premarital sex?
I think my husband posted something about that weeks ago, it’s absolutely a no-no situation for me. I would tell the young ladies to say no to premarital sex. There is nothing about loving you more after sleeping with you. Those are just lies that guys get to tell ladies now and there’s no truth to that, if he loves you, he loves you.
Did you practice premarital sex with your husband?
No no no we didn’t practice premarital sex.
Have you ever written a song with your husband or inspired one he sang?
For now I haven’t but I hope to someday.
So when you are not busy, how do you spend your free time?
Well we leave our house and come to an hotel like we are now. I try to make my husband stay away from his phone and iPad so he gets to rest as well and just having a lone time with the family.

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