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Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Kingsley Innocent Owoicho-Oche, known as Kaestrings, born into the family of Rev and Pastor Mrs. Innocent Egwa, I have seven awesome siblings. I am a student of the Department of Fine Arts in Ahmadu Bello University and I also work at Eternity Network International (Koinonia E.N.I).
You were very much involved in the just concluded Hallelujah Challenge because of your song ‘Ga Shi Nan’, how was that experience for you?
The experience was simply a blessing, it was life transforming and also the most beautiful thing that has happened to me so far in life.
When did you write ‘Ga Shi Nan’, and what inspired you to write it?
I wrote the song August last year and what inspired me asides the Holy Spirit was a video clip I watched of Jeremiah Gyang singing and playing his song ‘Dan ga ta’ live on youtube.
What do you admire the most about Nathaniel Bassey?
His consistency in birthing songs for the times and seasons.
As a young Christian man, how do you stay focused spiritually, in this time and age of so much distraction?
I stay focused by building around me friends with the same goals and vision as me and friends who are lovers of God.
It has been said that Christians in the northern part of the country do not have it easy, what is your experience being a Christian in the northern part of the country?
It has been beautiful. Not every place in the North suffers persecutions and fortunately we are in a place where persecution is less.
Which personality in the bible can you relate with the most?
Asides from singing, what do you love to do?
Painting, drawing and crafts making.
Are you into music full time or is it just something you plan to do part time?
I plan to go into music full time as soon as I am done with my first degree by Gods grace and Gods will.
Asides from the fact that the Hallelujah Challenge brought you so much recognition, what other experience from the challenge would stay with you for a long while?
Lessons I learnt from the life of pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Mairo Ese, Mam Victoria Orenze and pastor Chingtok Ishaku.
Which religious personality do you look up to?
Apostle Joshua Selman of Eternity Network International
If you could take away something from your life, what would it be?
School. But if I had the chance of studying music, it would have been much better.
What do you do to unwind and relax?
Play my guitar and be around my great friends.
If you could say a few words to young Christians out there, what will it be?
All I would say is: love God more and believe his word, for every principle laid in God’s word is true and it works. Obey his word even when it feels like its foolishness, for the thoughts of God is way different from the thoughts of man.

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