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Glowreeyah Braimah is one young lady that’s vocal about Jesus and she’s unapologetic about this. The lawyer turned gospel artiste through her music has preached the good news of salvation to all. With an infectious smile and great sense of humor, Glowreeyah has ridden high on our list of favorite people.
Apt and dedicated, this beautiful songstress shares a lot of insightful information that would inspire many.



You studied Law in the University, how did you make the switch from Law as a career to Music as a career?
Being a Lawyer and working in a few great jobs in the corporate sector was truly a blessed experience but the gifts and callings of God are truly without repentance. Time and chance happened and I believe that my steps were ordered to where I am now. Beyond just having a career, I believe that my music ministry is fundamentally tied to the gracious testimony of my life and my divine purpose with a kingdom mandate of delivering a clear message of restoration and hope. I am humbled and glad that I can also play my small part by contributing primarily to the worship-culture of Nigeria and by extension, to the world at large.
Who is Glowreeyah Braimah?

A child of God. Preserved by grace to influence her generation for such a time as this. I have accepted that I am versatile in my expression and a woman of many parts. I once termed it as being ‘a kaleidoscope of colours’. Apart from being a Worship-Leader/Music Minister, I love being a Writer and doing business as a Creativepreneur. I enjoy discovering the endless possibilities of the multi-potentialism of who I am and what I can become. I come from a multi-tribal family. My Dad was my very first influence in music. He would play the piano most evenings after work and as a little girl, I was always mesmerized by this. Also, my Dad nick-named me ‘The Bridge’. He said he observed that at an early age, I knew how to connect with people regardless of their race, gender, age or circumstance. I have a passion for children and young people. I founded The Starbeam Foundation to commit to adding value to young girls particularly in local communities. I enjoy reading and brainstorming too.

Share that one encounter you had with God that changed your life?
Every singular moment in time; breathing this air, walking this walk and being alive deserves to be counted as a spectacular one. There have been too many moments where I have known that God revealed himself powerfully and tangibly. Whether it was when I was in a car that somersaulted thrice and it landed on its roof and I came out without a scratch; or moments when complete strangers (whom I believe were angels on assignment to me) were used by God to get me out of dire situations etc. The ultimate will still remain the moment I said ‘YES’ to Jesus in my heart. This singular encounter has been the singular reason for every other reason that might ever be. His life eternal has truly changed my life forever.
Your song ‘Miracle Worker’ has touched so many lives, is there any significant story behind it?
In 2014,my 2-year-old niece was in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in The United States. This lasted for nearly 3 weeks. My family and I were all thoroughly shaken by the incident. Some songs are written ;some songs are given. I was inspired with this song while praying for her healing. I sang this song everyday and I recorded it as an act of faith because I made a promise to God that I would do so, if He healed her. She was restored in health and this song has been a testimony of this truth. I am humbled that it has blessed people all over the world. After its release, I remember putting out the full story on my website at the time. But isn’t that just like God? He specializes in bringing out so much beauty from pain and dire circumstances just to glorify Himself.
You are a very fashionable lady, how do you draw the line between being fashionable and being moderate in fashion. How much is too much?
Well, thank you for the acknowledgment. My early influence was my late Mother who was quite fashionable in her own way. I learnt from her that you can take very little and do so much with it. How you creatively put the pieces of it all together is what style is all about. Ultimately, God was the first fashion-designer. The book of Genesis reveals how He made garments of skin for Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. I believe that He has given us free will to create and beautify our external bodies but the truth still remains that He will always be more interested in the state of our spirits and in the condition of our hearts. Of what use is it to look so wonderful on the outside and then have a nasty attitude and an ugly disposition towards people? It doesn’t quite add up. My cardinal fashion principle is that I owe to myself and others in the society, respect, decency and modesty at all times.
Describe your style?
Sometimes, I’m the easy-breezy girl-next-door. Other times, I’m the classic/vintage lady. Whichever way, it is always a beautiful blend between being Cosmopolitan and African. I like to term my style as ‘Cosmo-Afrocentric’. It could range from being simple to classic in expression as a global citizen but my sense of identity as a Nigerian or African deeply resonates with how it all reflects. I recently went to do a mini-Jewellery and Textile Design Course in The United Kingdom and learnt how to make statement pieces while at it. I started incorporating some of my handmade designs into my looks as well.
People are saying worldliness is gradually creeping into the church, do you agree with this? Give reasons for your answer?
There have never been grey areas in our affirmations in our Christian call, responsibility and kingdom mandate. We are directly affirmed as a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. We are salt and light. Whatever observations about seemingly imperfect situations that may arise now are not new. Even Jesus gave a parable of the wheat and tares to reflect this so-called imbalance. From the letters written by the early apostles to various believers in Corinth, Ephesus etc, we can see that biblical history is rife with various instances that show compromise, lukewarmness etc. Whether in ancient times or in these modern days, we have all been called to say no to the lures of this world by the daily renewal of our minds through the word of God so that we all can be transformed into the image of Christ, the most Holy and Perfect One.
If you could change something in the world, what would it be?
Child-trafficking and  modern-day slavery/exploitation of young, defenseless people.
Which international and local artiste would you love to do a collaboration with?
I admire a lot of dedicated and gifted artistes locally and internationally. However, the music ministry is a very delicate and sensitive call. Music industry reasoning is vital but not the driving-force of what the music ministry is seemingly all about. It is a creative output but every aspect of what it entails must be spirit-led. I am currently working on my sophomore album(with the recent releases of some singles ‘Open Heavens’, ’Jesus is here’) and prayerfully seeking out who I will be collaborating with on other tracks on the rest of the project.
How do you let off steam and relax?
In the peace and quiet of my home with instrumental music playing and lovely scented candles burning.
If you could, where in the world would you love to go for a vacation?
A serene and picturesque Island. Where the beaches are sandy-white, the waters are sea-green, the locals are friendly, a craft market is abuzz and a sense of adventure can be explored. Take me to Phuket in Thailand or Mauritius.
Who is a complete woman to you?
A complete woman can be likened to a tree planted by the rivers of living water. From the stem of the discovery of her gifts and talents, she must remain rooted in the terra-firma of her God and in the values and ideals flowing from His word. Standing strong enough to lift up her head inspite of contrary winds blowing all around her and yet sensitive enough to be swayed and touched with the feelings of infirmities of others around her. For the few times when her bark is bruised or she is plucked at by adversity, she must recognize that at the scent of healing waters, that she stands every chance of being restored and revitalized. She must also recognize that she is capable of bearing fruit in and out of season and that the essence of her leaves will always bring sweetness and life. Her branches must always be extended in support to her family, the people in her community and all those in need around her. In all of this, she must remain humble enough to know that the light that she receives to grow must all be attributed to the grace and power of God working in, with and through her for His glory alone.
if  you were not a Lawyer or a Music Minister, what would you be?
There would have been two major possibilities. I could have been a Diplomat/Policy-maker for Children’s Rights in The Foreign Service. Or a Content Developer/Voice Actor working in Film and Animation.

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