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Before my trip to Rwanda, Seyi, a team member of MediaRoomHub and Pelumi, her best friend who is a contributor on our platform had mentioned the Hallelujah Challenge to me.
I know, I love and enjoy listening to Nathaniel Bassey’s “Wonderful Wonder” and a lot of other Christian songs from pastor Wale Adenuga, Sinach, Frank Edwards, Steve Crown, Glowreeyah Braimah among riveting others. But while in Rwanda, all alone in my hotel room, with no form of distraction I participated in the challenge.
A few days after I got back to Nigeria, I was supposed to return my passport to the American Embassy to renew my visa, but I could not find it. I was worried, angry and very sad. The situation practically numbed me. I didn’t know what to do, but kept mumbling in my spirit- ‘God show that you are God in this situation, just use your mighty hand to locate this passport’.
A few nights later, I dreamt that I was asking God, “Olowogbogboro, where is my passport?” I asked God just twice and in that same dream, I found my passport and started jubilating only to wake up to realise it was a dream.
In the morning I told Seyi about my dream when she visited. She said, “Aunty claim it”, I was sad, but I claimed it anyway.
Two days later, my immediate younger sister called me and said she found my international passport behind my wardobe. Note that this was the same bedroom that had been combed upside down, but just like that, “Olowogbogboro” opened someone else’s eyes to find my passport in the same room.
I did benefit from the Hallelujah Challenge and of course, I found my way to the Hallelujah Festival ground at the Glitz event center in Lekki.
Meeting Nathaniel Bassey finally for a chat was such a herculean task because of his busy schedules. We finally chatted and had a photoshoot with him and his amiable wife, Sarah.
The Basseys are such a sweet and awesome Christian couple. There’s no point spilling the bean- I enjoin you, ju read about this divine partnership yourself.
We thought it would be it would be a huge blessing to appreciate the spiritual leaders winning souls for God. That your name is neither mentioned nor your photo published does not mean you are not a spiritual leader we hold in high esteem. But for want of space, we would publish the names of everybody that is involved in the beautiful works of God through Christianity.
In this edition, on our event segment, we have lovely coverages of the Accelerate Conference put together by the Elevation Church, the Hallelujah Festival and Ebony Live Movie and Film Festival.
I want to specially thank the management and staff of The George hotel. The photoshoot with the Basseys was held there and we are glad we made that decision. The staffs were quick to be of help to us while shooting and sincerely appreciate this.
I hope this edition blesses you richly and spiritually as you enjoy every story we bring your way. May the Alpha- (before Him was none) and Omega (after whom shall none exist) bless you on all fronts. Shalom!

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