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MRH JANUARY 2020 ISSUE: Hottest Bachelors, BigbrotherNaija2019, Pepperdem Edition: Seyi Awolowo, Omoshola Oburoh & Chukwuemeka Okoye – Cover Story by Azuka Ogujiuba

It takes bravery, patience and resilience to be on BBNAIJA reality show. More so, it takes strong personality to get through to the finals.
Thus, these three final bachelors from the 2019 edition of the most talked about reality show in Africa, Omashola, Seyi and Frodd  are definitely the ideal personalities for our January cover.
They went on the show like other contestants but stood it all; through the fights, tears, rigorous tasks and discomfort, to cling the top 5 spot.
In this intview with us, they all open up about their similar yet unique journies to and through the show, who their strongest opponents were, the impact of the platform in their lives, their most vulnerable moments as well as the highlight of the show for them among other things.
It’s such an interesting pack. Enjoy!

OMASOLA (Omashoa Oburoh)

Who was your biggest threat while you were on the  show?
I never had any threat on the show but I was looking out for Tacha because of her confidence from the beginning to the end of the show.
Did you see Tacha as someone who was going to win the competition?
No, I actually thought I was going to win but I knew she was there and she was also strong.
If you had the opportunity to go back to BBNaija house, is there something you would do differently?
Nothing, there is nothing I would have done differently. I was me and I made it to the top five.
You said you liked Venita on the show, was it real or it was just a strategy?
It wasn’t a strategy, when Venita came she was beautiful and she reminds me of my ex. So up till today I still like Venita.
Who is your closest housemate now that you all are out of the house?
I would say everybody, everyone is my friend. I don’t have any favourite.
What was the highlight of the show for you?
Arena games and Friday night show because I always win.
Mercy emerged the winner, did you see her winning from the onset?
To be sincere with you, I see myself winning, but to be honest I think she deserved it, every single person that made it to the final deserved it. It could have been Seyi, Frodd, myself or Mike. For Mercy to even win it, she was the only girl. She deserved it. To be honest I didn’t see her winning it, I see myself winning it. It is what it is. If Brazil dey go world cup every single year and na only dem dey win, nobody go wan go the worldcup again, sometimes France go win. One day One day, Nigeria go win the worldcup in the future, Say Amen!
How has Big Brother Naija changed your life ?
A lot! Before the house, I was good. I don’t care wetin una think….LOL but after the house, the show made me a better person, it structured me, straightened me and put me in the right direction. I thought I had it all, but it showed me the shit I had and made me know I ain’t gat shit! I started seeing things differently, a lot of things I wouldn’t normally do, now I can do them. I never knew I could paint now I am painting. People be like did you paint this or bought it? Then I would remember, na me paint am myself ooo. Little things I don’t see, now I see them. You dey feel me! Before, if I dey toast babe I know how I take dey toast babe but now I could take a girl out for dinner. No be say I no day take girl out for dinner before but now it is special. The show changed my life in a lot of ways I cannot explain, na only when you dey my shoe you go know say na so e dey be
If you had the opportunity to change anything about Big Brother Naija show, what would that be and why?
What will Bigbrother adjust, they are just good. This is straight to biggie. If I happen to come back in the future into the house, that 6am alarm  is very disturbing, not everybody is a morning guy but I get to learn and ever since I left the show, I wake up very early. Once it is 6am, I wake up. It’s a good thing, now I have longer day and shorter night. If I have the opportunity to go back to the show, please give us extra one hour. So we can sleep that fine part.
What are your plans  moving forward?
 I am working on everything. Before Bigbrother I had my own company Euphoria and I had my own apartment which I run, it is called ‘Blue Superior’. I only went to  Big Brother to make it more. I am working on things I was working before, at the same time, I am into acting and all. I want to be perfect, I don’t want to rush it. I just don’t want to bring something and people be like, Na dis thing he dey make noise on since! If you go to South Africa and you don’t have where to stay contact me and I will sort that.
Say a word to your fans.
My name is Omasola, you know what it is.. Warriiiiii!!!!

Seyi Awolowo

Being from an elite family, where did you learn all these street styles from?
My family is more on the conservative side. I wasn’t sent to private schools and all. I attended a normal school and lived a normal live. My primary school was at Sabo, Yaba, I attended Federal College Odogbolu and  went to Olabisi Onobanjo University and so on. So we all lived quiet a normal life.
Why did you go for BBNaija?
I wanted to establish myself. I wanted people to know who I am. Everyone knows who Awolowo is, but I want them to also know who Seyi as an individual is. I have my own dreams and things I want to do. So I went there to define me.
Have you always wanted the spotlight and cameras?
I won’t say I wanted that. I wanted to be more of a revolutionary. I want to be on people’s faces not for the fun of it but to change people’s lives positively. I want to impact my generation so much that even if the change doesn’t come from me, it will come from my next generation.
What was the highlight of the show for you?
Everything was a highlight. The games, the characters and everything. The show has also changed my life.
Was there any part of the show that was scripted?
No way! Not when everyone wanted to win. Nothing was staged.
Describe Tacha in few words
Tacha, Tacha, Tacha. That’s how she would loved to be described
Did you see Mercy winning the 4th edition of BBNAIJA show from the start?
Actually I have always felt I was going to win. Everyone in the house felt that way. Mercy is a fantastic babe. Strong girl and the last girl standing. So I felt she was going to win being the last woman standing. So I have no problem with that.
If you weren’t in a relationship, who would have dated in the house?
They were all  beautiful women and strong ones at that. I would have shoot my shot on them all and anyone I got would have been cool.
How has BBNaija changed your life?
I cannot fly okada nor eat at a buka anymore. I can’t go to a local drink joint anymore etc. The experience from the house is like a masters program learned in 3months. So it has made me a better person.
How has building your brand been since you left the show?
It has been rather tasking. I had a brand before the show and right now I’m also a brand myself. So it’s hard handling that brand and this one at the same time.
I started a brand called “” which is a level playing field for all talents in the entertainment industry. The platform enables them to put themselves and their craft out there. I created the platform as an online casting and auditioning space for young talents out there.
 Any regrets from the show so far?
Not at all. You learn from your experiences and take responsibility for your mistakes and learn, then move on. So no regrets at all.

FRODD (Chukwuemeka Okoye)

Now that you are out of the Bigbrother Show, how would you say the show have changed you?
The show has changed my life in a very big way, I have met many people since I got out of the house. People that the way I live in the house has influenced one way or the other. From my own self, I learn a lot in the house as well, how to associate myself with people, different personalties, fire watcher, health and everything. I have my ways on how to interact with people, it also helps me to develop myself talent wise. It also helps me grow personally, to endure trials and all that. Basically, I tell you it’s been a mind-blowing experience, I actually say it is a crash course, it’s a life event. The things I learn’t in the house for three months, would have been what I could have played in my life journey for five years but it was short-lived in three months back-to-back, in an atmosphere that challenged me to improve. So far so good it it has been very healthy, though there are parts where we are still trying to adjust, the going out part, no public spaces, no eating and drinking in the public, we can still do our thing, Frodd is still Frodd. Still keeping it real 100%
It is safe to say you have no regrets or whatsoever?
Yes, no regrets. Zero regrets. None at all
You seem to be a very religious person, have you always been this person or there’s a particular situation that drew you closer to GOD.
I was born into a very religious family, I grew up with my grandparents. Growing up as a christian and a believer, at some point in my youth, there’s this time I deviated, played the bad boy, good boy, school life and stuff, there are some certain situations that draw you closer to God as you said. There are certain situations you are given another chance, you were gifted things that were not suppose to be yours. You then finds out you have no zero option than to admit that God is in your life, and he is actually watching you and there’s a destiny for you to live and achieve. It’s a cumulation event that has actually showed me that grace works, God is watching me. This time it’s pretty much amazing. I know you saw the show and you saw how grace works. I am not the most righteous, we give God what belongs to Him.
So, haven’t  made the top five, who would you consider your Biggest threat in the house?
Myself! I was my own biggest fear. There are times when you challenge yourself emotionally, physically, we play games and all those things were done mentally. There are times that you as a human being will have self doubt. Can I do this, Can I do that? Especially if you are someone people kind of find competitive, you always have to stay 100% on your game. You are unique, You must see yourself ontop, never see yourself going down, don’t let your guards down. You are the only person that can prevent you from achieving your dream. I told myself, this is what I am here for, let’s make the shit real. You see how God did everything, second runner-up. That was all good.
We all saw your  emotional part during the show, majorly being brought out by Esther. Do you still feel the same way about Esther?
Yea, definitely, we still talk. Still feel the same, we are still very good friends. It is not a strategy to feel good about the person.
Another emotional scene of yours was  was with Seyi. You told him he was only proud because  he comes from a reputable family.  Has that notion changed about Seyi now that the show is over ?
The truth is we all have our flaws as humans, that was just a past issue. I handled it the way I could handle it then because it was an issue at hand.
Seyi is a great guy, no problem, we are very good. Outside the house, we have all developed ways to handle ourselves. We all have issues, this is how I am, we have other housemates as well. It is not a problem anymore. We are who we are. You can’t continue fighting your brother. We just chill, he is not a proud boy, probably that’s his own way of handling issue as of that time, and me that’s the way I handled the issue as of that time.
We are chilled and good.
Did you at any point see Mercy as the winner while on the show?
Again, Congratulations to Mercy.
Mercy! The Lamborghini girl. Mercy has always been a power  cord in the house. We all know our personalities and our strengths, she’s always been a fire girl.
I won’t tell you I saw her winning, I saw myself winning as well, that’s just the truth. When it comes to games, I saw her as a good competition. I tried her when I didn’t know what to do with Veto Power. And that was the last time I want to try her, she’s a sweet soul, a sister, we are chilled, she’s a bestie to me. I feel like God gave it to her and that was it. She has the will power to win it. She’s a good chap, nice one to her.
What are you working on right now?
A couple of stuff, I am taking it one step at a time. Movie, Entertainment industry, my outfit, the Frodd brand, The Slow Tiger brand. My brand,  and Frodd as a compere. I am still working on how I can develop myself in that world and grow better. I am still taking the gentle strive to make it happen, but the fashion is the one that I feel will come out first, movies take time, I have a lot of scripts on the table. There are lots on ground that my fans are going to see. I am not just called the slow tiger for no reason. We take gentle steps and then we pounce.

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