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Ibidunni & Keke Ighodalo Celebrate Birthday

Beauty queen and successful event entrepreneur Elizabeth R/The Dorchester/Avant Garde Ibidunni Ighodalo and her beautiful daughter Keke are celebrating thier birthday today.

Renowned photographer Ty Bello in her usual style took to her Instagram page to share photos from their shoot accompanied with a beautiful message.

‘..A good woman is hard to find, and worth far more than diamonds. She’s like a trading ship that sails to faraway places and brings back EXOTIC SURPRISES …. (from proverbs 31 . The message translation)

I was thinking about @ibidunni_ighodalo today and my heart went to proverbs 31. .. I read through.. and I was like yeah I know her .. the babe’s name is Elizabeth R.
Ibidun is really a proverb .. a beautiful mystery .. the baby-faced – delicate- always blushing flower .. but stronger than most people I know. Soft spoken and introverted yet open and spontaneous in her kindness. I’ve been through many season with’ Dun-dun ‘ .. I’ve never seen any one dare to dream so openly …and spread hope like she has even when going a tough season …But look at you ..Ibidunni…it’s clear .. God knows how to take care of his flowers .. I’ve seen him carry you wind-blown by faith to this most beautiful place .. making all things new .

Ibidun like in proverbs 31 .. God really is always using you to bring exotic surprises .Your life is such a testimony and I’m so proud of you . Happy birthday to you and your beautiful bundle of endless energy Keke. For every time your heart whispered the word ‘twins’ .. now you know what He meant.. ??????same birthday .. same smile .. same everything !!!this God amazes me..You’re both so beautiful.. so so so beautiful!! Thank God for the 19th of July !!#tybellophotography #mother-daughter #birthdaysession



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