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So we nearly forgot whose day it is today. But it’s better late than never at all. Today like is well reflected on the title board is the 36th birthday of the super gorgeous, super stylish, awesomely humble and very well to do, 2nd wife, Olori (Queen) Hadiza Saheed Elegushi. That’s talking about the 2nd wife of his royal majesty (Alayeluwa), Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, the Kusenla III, who is the Elegushi of Ikateland and environs.

Kabiyesi, Oba Elegushi had gotten married to his delightsome new wife then at a Kano ceremony a few months ago. That was private but that was totally off the hook in all ways. The beautiful surprise traditional nuptial in that ancient town had surprised everyone when it happened, as it caught a lot of people napping, much so that some even actually did their best to deny that such a nuptial had taken place at all. Thank God that pictures don’t lie!

Maestro’s Media has claimed that their platform was actually one of the few platforms then that had reported accurately that a nuptial had actually happened as a matter of and fact.

According to them, We were  reporting it as it was happening in the day. And now again, we can tell you categorically that, except of they decide to put it off deliberately, sometime soon in the new year, that is 2020, God willing, the Lagos end of what had begun in Kano, would take place with far more fanfare than the one that attended that Northern one. It promises to be a mega nuptial of the highest proportion, we knowing fully well that the kind of party that would make all others look like a parlor event. You all know very well that no one can beat Lagos when it comes to showing off, hence why it is said “Eko for Show”!
So yesterday, Wednesday, December 4, 2019 is the 36th birthday of the former Hadiza Tanko Yakasai. And in appreciation of his lovely 2nd wife, just like the King did in November when his Olori (Iyale) Sekinat Aramide added a year, kabiyesi who is rather becoming a love poet of a sort now went lyrical again, exclaiming his love for Hadiza his beloved new wife without a chill, declaring his endless love ans praying for her too, Saying…….

“On this day My wife was born, it has only been God all the way, Alhamdulilah.
Today, I celebrate my wife’s birthday, Olori Hadiza Elegushi. Being happy around you is an effortless thing for me; it just comes naturally. I pray that you live long to continue to make me happy, and I in return, will be here to ensure the smile on your face never (seizes). May your heart be filled with joy and may our love continue to grow stronger and stronger. I celebrate you today and I will celebrate you always. Happy birthday my My Queen”.

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