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Cruel! Freeze drags Instagram user and his “Daddy GO”

Freeze has become popular for his strong criticisms towards “new generation” pastors who he refers to as “Yahoo pastors” and he doesn’t fail to drag church goers who try to defend said pastors.

But today, he took his savagery to a whole new level as he dragged an Instagram user who tried to defend his pastor’s prophesy. It seems the church goer was trying to explain that a new disease was discovered in Nigeria after his pastor prophesied it would happen. He also claimed his pastor prophesied Buhari’s absence from Nigeria. But Freeze told him if a new disease was discovered it will be named after the person who discovered it, then he proceeded to suggest a name for the disease.

Freeze wrote: “May I suggest we call it Daddy G O norrhea”.

Choi! Does it get more savage than this?

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