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Model Chika Lann gets Police escort over scary threats because of her hair

Nigerian model, Chika Lann, who set the internet on fire after she claimed that her unique hairstyle is worth N40million, has made a move to protect herself by getting a police escort following the threats she’s been getting.

According to Chika Lann, she has been getting scary threats after she declared her hair is worth worth N40million, and also lost her freedom. Her Instagram post reads;

I’ve been getting scary threats. So i decided to get myself a personal MOPOL. #lostmyfreedom#myhairisworth40million.

Model Chika Lann gets Police escort over scary threats over her life lailasnews 1

Everybody has a guilty pleasure. For some it may be gadgets, for others it may be food and for some, physical appearance. While there are certain limits people would go to soothe this itch, others do not seem to have any. However Chika Lann trended after her recent interview with Pulse.  The tall slender lady who models for a living, stated that she loves to stand out in whatever she does. According to her, everybody else has basically the same style and that’s the reason she loves to be unique. She stated that she doesn’t mind going through any stress or inconveniences to stand out.

‘I’ve been asked on several occasions about this question.Sometimes is not really easy to understand my personality. I love to be unique. Because when you look around you will see that everyone style look alike…. and i’m the kind of person that can spend any kind of money.. and go through any kind of stress or inconveniences just to stand out. from the crowd. Talking about my hairstyle, this hairstyle is worth 40 million’ she said.

Internet users have however reacted to the price tag attached to the hair of the model, as many people have criticized her for calling such an outrageous figure. Apparently Chika lann wasn’t moved by the negative comments as she added that she wasn’t drunk when she made the statement.

She shared a video on her instagram page confirming her previous statement. She said;

‘I wasn’t drunk during my last interview when I said my hair is 40million. I’ll say it over and over again adn I won’t be apologetic about it’.

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