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Bobrisky changes his hairstyle for N166k

Bleaching cream expert Bobrisky showed off his new hairstlye on social media which made him declare himself baddest for spending such a huge amount on his new look. Bobrisky is known for spending a lot of money on his looks and was recently said to be making moves to go for bum implants.
The Snapchat king as he is often referred to shared photos of his latest hairstyles including the latest one which cost N166k just to get it done. He then declared himself the baddest after that saying he is better than most Nigerian girls who sleep around for meager amounts.
Source: Instagram, Bobrisky
The diva shared the photo of his ginger looking hair and captioned it: ” I Just changed my hair again cos I’m d baddest. All dis dirty run girls hating .I’m sorry for u all. Some of u f*ck for just 50k while Bobrisky bought and make dis hair for $450 in Naria dat is 166,000.Have got no P*ssy or br*ast but u know wat ? have got class. So bye b*tches my hair is from @Why.mani and style by @Studio__Bombshell. Mostly all d idiot hating are usually d jobless ones and d ugly ones too. Can u see Adenuga children hating ? No because dey are rich and too busy for sh*t. Continue hating while I keep making my money “
Source: Instagram, Bobrisky

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