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Apple self-driving car project shelved, company focuses on auto tech instead

Once upon a time, rumor had it that Apple was working on its own self-driving vehicle. Rumors and news about this have been all over the place over past years, with more recent info indicating that Apple is heavily favoring the development of autonomous technology over the actual development of a car. A new report follows this trend, claiming that Apple has effectively shelved its self-driving car product and is instead focusing on auto tech.

The information comes from sources speaking with The New York Times; these people are reportedly in the know about Apple’s rumored Titan car project. These sources claim that Apple has shelved its plan to create its own self-driving car, though possibly only temporarily. In its place, Apple is focusing on creating the technology that auto makers will need for their own automotive projects.

Sources claim that Apple explored a huge array of ideas related to the development of its own car, including one with spherical wheels and a lack of pedals/steering wheels. The sources state that troubles ultimately led to the end of the project, not the least of which was alleged unrealistic deadlines and a lack of a clear goal about what Apple wanted in its car. That lack of goal is said to have been broad enough to include quibbles over whether the car should only be partly autonomous or fully self-driving.

It was supposedly the arrival of Bob Mansfield that led to a definite goal, which was focusing on self-driving tech while shelving the car project. Sources claim that morale has improved among workers since this decision was made, and that work continues on the development of such technologies.

Though Apple is mostly quiet about its efforts, we have heard statements indicating as much from the company itself. Most recently, we heard confirmation from company CEO Tim Cook himself that Apple is working on autonomous systems for cars. The efforts may span beyond just automotive applications, though, if a small statement by Cook earlier this month is anything to go by.

SOURCE: New York Times

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