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I remember when I was growing up, right there in the village and towns where we lived, people rarely fall sick and there are some diseases that are so strange that their occurrence is like a punishment from the gods.  If at all you become sick there are things that your parents or even neighbours will make for you (gotten from what we eat, vegetables, herbs…) and in hours or few days you are back on your feet. Moreover, there are no hospitals around (you will have to get to a bigger town or city before you can access any medical facility and you need to be mobile to undertake such journey) at that time unlike now that we have rural medical facilities.
A deeper look and thought about my growing up years got me thinking that there is something we were doing then that we have deviated from in the present age. An age where there is all kind of sicknesses and diseases including the ones that were termed abominable/punishment from the gods back then. The question is where did we miss it? What have we deviated from? What is it that we have neglected or stopped doing?
In this present age, we have modernized, processed and industrialized everything that we are only contented eating based on sweetness, packaging, appearance and how full we are. This is the reason for the proliferation of unexplainable sicknesses and diseases (physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically).
From research and experience, one of the causes/factors responsible for myriad of ill health is Nutrient-deficient factor-health challenge ranging from mood swing, terminal diseases, mental retardation and dermatological issues.
The maker of all things said in the Holy book that He has given us fruits for our meat/food, and leaves for our medicine/healing (Revelations 22.2b and Ezekiel 47:12b). This means that God has made adequate provisions for our health i.e. if you do not need healing from any ailment, your food should make you whole and enjoy your health. No wonder that Greek Physician Hippocrates who is traditionally referred to as the father of medicine quoted “ let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” To enjoy our health therefore, we must go back and nurture our health the nature’s way. Hippocrates also said that “Nature itself is the best Physician” so let’s treat our health the nature’s way.
Written by Deborah Ogundolapo

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