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Tribute: Tunde Kelani @70


Tunde Kelani is a man of immense literary talent, a man who has proved to people that you can be who you want to be through hard work and determination. A man who has proved that success has no limits, a man who has given people reason to chase their dreams, a man who has so much regard for heritage and culture .I must say, Nigeria sure has the largest depot of talents in Africa. Tunde Kelani who turns 70 years today is one of the talented people in Nigeria today. Tunde Kelani is a talented Nigerian filmmaker, storyteller, director, photographer, cinematographer and producer. Over the years, he has been able to give back to the society in his own way. He is the founder of Mainframe Film and Media institute. His has a unique way of promoting Nigeria’s heritage and culture in his movies. Tunde Kelani is a man who has worked so hard to achieve his position in Nigeria. He is a man who is highly respected not only the entertainment industry, but also in the society. He is an inspiration to so many people, and a lot of successful people in the entertainment industry were trained by Tunde Kelani. Happy 70th birthday to a great man, Tunde Kelani, we wish you long life in good health. Love from Mediroomhub team



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