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Introducing MaiSaa Northern Beauty Spa

Maisaa Beauty spa is an alternative Northern traditional spa, that offers ancient methods of beauty treatments on any woman who is interested in looking and feeling beautiful inside and out the old-fashioned way. Maisaa was borne out of the need to share the Northern Nigerian age long beauty secrets to other parts of the world.

Other services include customized treatments for Brides, Post bay care treatments aimed at looking after new-mommies and bringing their old self back.

Also Henna parties and Arabesque themed parties can be thrown in our space too!

Traditional Beauty Regimens

Dukhaan/Duhrot (Smoke bath): this is a private beauty ritual using incense laced smoke to detoxify the skin also leaving it perfumed for days. This treat detoxifies and perfumes the body and also tightens the private areas of a woman.

Dilka/Kruhkum (Turmeric scrub): Dilka is a northern traditional scrub that leaves the skin exfoliated, soft, glowing and fragranced. DILKA and KRUHKUM constitute a major part of “gyran jiki” {beautification phase of wedding preparations}

Halawa (Sugar waxing/ Body Sugaring): This traditional sugar recipe is one of the most ancient forms of hair removal. The removal is gentle yet exfoliating treatment that leaves your skin smooth and sweet after the process.

Lalle (Henna/Mehndi): An ancient form of body adornment, henna art is a cultural practice. Henna tattooing is used as a popular form of expressions for luck and happiness and can be found in many ceremonial practices, including marriages, births and Blessings.

Launch Date: Sunday, 30th of July

Venue:  Mai Saa Spa, 30 Providence Street off 2nd roundabout, Lekki Phase 1

Time: 2pm till 6pm



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