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What really prompted you to go into the Big Brother Naija house?
I love to challenge myself and try out new things. I think it also had to with my love for adventures. When I heard about the auditions, I thought well this could be interesting, but I really didn’t think I’d follow through. However, the night before the auditions, I decided I had nothing to lose and hey, I might not even get in. As God would have it, I made it through the first round of auditions and then the rest of the subsequent selection process. And here I am today, the second runner up of Big Brother Naija 2017.
Since you’ve been back, has there been any regrets?
None at all. All of my actions are totally me and I take responsibility for all of them. I believe that everything that happens to us is part of a divine script. What was meant to be is and what will be, will be.
What is the greatest lesson you learnt in the house?
Being in the house emphasized the need to be true to myself. I learnt that who you are is enough. I learnt that I’m actually more tolerant than I give myself credit for, but most importantly that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to, regardless of the pressures you face.
You had quite a number of arguments with some of the house mates while you were in the house, has this affected your relationship with them outside the house?
I would certainly hope not. I’m in very good terms with Bisola and we argued the most. We were all part of a social experiment. Being cooped up with total strangers for 3 months, with no exit plan or the ability to create some space when you need it, is interesting to say the least. We are all different people who have led different lives and see things differently, so there’s bound to be friction. I am human and the same goes for everyone who was in the house.
A few of the house mates said you are manipulative, why do you think they formed this opinion about you?
(Giggles) I am not. What I am is sensitive and yes, I do tend to beat myself up a lot.
Bisola kept saying that Thin Tall Tony was attracted to you, is he the kind of person you would consider dating?
Thin Tall Tony is happily married, so that’s really a non-starter. And even before I suspected he was and then definitely knew he was, I didn’t and I dont see him that way.
Now that you are out of the house, do you have plans to take a movie role, if yes, tell us about it?
Yes, acting is something I’d always been interested in. I did try to pursue it a few years ago. By the way though, I’ve actually landed and shot a cameo role in ‘Kada River’ directed by Toka Mcbaror and financed by The Big Church foundation. The script harps on a very relevant issue and it will be an enlightening watch for many. It’s a story loosely based on the conflicts in Southern Kaduna and I think it will teach us to love one another despite our perceived differences. Im looking forward to doing playing more substantial roles. Now that I have a followership and I can bring something extra to the table, I think it would be easier now to convince producers and directors to take a chance.
You are one of the hottest topic on the social media scene right now, how have you been able to cope with so much attention?
I try to maintain normalcy by being around friends and familiar faces.
Who is your favorite reality TV. star?
I am.
Who is your celebrity crush?
I’ve crushed on Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth, Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Shemar Moore, The Weeknd, Terrence Howard, heck I even crushed on Falz at a time- he smells amazing. The list is endless.
What fashion item can you not do without?
Definitely handbags. I also love perfumes and it would be challenging to live without lipsticks and eye liners.
Who is your style icon and why?
I am my own style icon. I like to re-invent myself. I also admire the style choices of a handful of people like Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Bonang Matheba. I look forward to their red-carpet appearances.
From your perspective, who do you think is a complete woman and why?
A complete woman is someone who is not afraid to stand for the truth. She fights for what she believes in and is not dependent on the validation of others. She is accomplished and has the strength of character to see through whatever she sets her mind to. I’m talking about women who probably have to juggle demanding jobs with raising a family, or women who have made a choice to raise their families, sometimes at the expense of their own needs or wants. A woman who is strong, yet sensitive, who gives just as good as she gets. Women like my mother, my sister
Wendy, Folorunso Alakija, Oprah Winfrey, Joke Silva, Christine Amanpour, Angelina Jolie, myself the list is endless.
What is the favorite fashion item you own?
My MCM backpacks and I’ve got them in different colours.
What is your life philosophy?
Just do you.
At the moment, which song lifts your mood and makes you dance?
Erm… As everyone now knows, I can’t dance. My brain and my feet go in completely different directions every single time I’ve attempted to dance. So I’ve made my peace with my inability to dance. I do enjoy listening to a wide variety of music. My taste in music can be a bit eccentric. I like rock, afro beats and the weird genres that most people would not listen to. I think because I’ve been to many places and experienced a variety of cultures, I’m very open to experiencing new things.
What makes you happy?
Accomplishing the things on my lists of goals.
What outfit do you feel most comfortable in?
(Laughs). If you watched the show, the answer to this is very obvious *wink*
How have you been able to deal with bad and hateful comments from people on the social media?
Wow! It has been a process but I am determined to only focus on the positivity and the love. I’m human of course and it does sting at times when I read some mean and hateful comments, but it is what it is. If people can hate on people far bigger and more accomplished than me, then I count it a privilege. In the history of the entire world, words have never broken bones, so I’m very fine. The Boss Nation loves and supports me and thats more than enough.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
By God’s grace, I’ll still be touching numerous lives on a bigger and more impactful scale and I’ll be blessing to as many people as humanly possible.
Tell us one of your biggest achievements since you got back from the BBN house?
It’s only been a month and I think that’s a little too soon for a biggest achievement. What I do know is that I know have a bigger voice thanks to this immense platform. I am going to use this to help change and improve the lives of as many people as I can.
Are you looking forward to being a wife and mother someday. Would you also like to describe your ideal man?
Yes I am. My ideal man would have to be God fearing, respectful, supportive of my dreams, open-minded, ambitious and most importantly exposed enough to understand that the world is bigger than his immediate environment.
Would you cheat on your boyfriend or husband if he cheats on you?
No, never. A queen is never petty. Walk away or forgive your partner and let God do the rest.
How did your nickname TBOSS come about?
That would be my sister – Wendy. The T is from Tokunbor which is my real name and the Boss is because I take charge of situations.
What do you have to say to your die-hard fans who kept you in the house to the finals?
I would not have made it to the top three if not for the support of the Boss Nation. Saving me for 7 weeks must have been an expensive and exhausting venture, but they did. Their support, determination and focus got me to the finals. I can never say thank you enough to the citizens of the Boss Nation. I am grateful, more grateful than I will ever be able to express.
What is actually the problem between you and Gifty, even recently there was a social media banter between both of you and your fans?
I cannot and do not control what fans say or do. I am only responsible for my actions and my reactions to situations. I can say for a fact that I’ve not had any problems with any of the other housemates post BBN. I’m running my race and minding my business. There is a lot I have to achieve and I’m fully focused on building my brand and achieving my dreams.

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