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Sokoloan & 9JaCash: The Criminals In Mobile App Loans

WARNING!!! When Borrowing Money Online, Never Use Sokoloan, 9JaCash, Because, 2Days After Due Date, They Will Call You Criminal In A Messages To Your Contacts.

There are many loan apps one can turn to for quick cash when we get stranded. And they can be the last resort in times like this.

One of these loan apps is Sokoloan, though I’ve not heard of them until I bumped into the alterations between them and a client.

According to the story i got, the client took a loan of 5,000 to pay 7,200 in ten days.

Things however went sour When the client couldn’t pay up after ten days.
The client however tried reaching out to get more time to pay up but Sokoloan won’t have any of it. If you notice, the harrassment started immediately the loan was due. According to screenshots I got from the client, this is not the first time he’s borrowed from them of which he has been able to repay.

Sokoloan however went ahead to start calling everyone on his contact list, telling them their client is a chronic debtor, they also made lots of threats.
At least fifteen people have called the client asking what’s going on.

The loan has however being paid on full, Sokoloan is yet to acknowledge the payment. I will keep you updated.

Whenever you want to take a loan, be sure of where you are getting it from, or you might just be setting yourself up for a serious embarassment.

Truth be told, there are fantastic loan apps out there. Sokoloan is notorious for their ridiculous interest rate and they have rascals as their customer service.

I suspect whoever that’s in charge of sending the reminder is a complete idiot, as said by an angry client.

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