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Seyi is The New Head of House & The Housemates react to a Food Crisis on #BBNaija Day 36

Post Eviction Gist

After Jeff’s Eviction from the Big Brother Naija House, the Housemates had so much to say to each other.

After a heated Eviction Live Show which saw Jeff taking a bow from the Pepper Dem House, the Housemates felt it was time to settle an old score and set off on a new course as they still have a week filled with activities to be concerned about.

Clearing Things Up

Having been saved from Eviction, Omashola had a one on one chat with Frodd in the Head of House room. The chat which was quite deep had Omashola clear the air with Frodd over their shared affection for Venita. He told Frodd that they should not allow a woman to come between them. He also let the HoH know that he isn’t the type to keep making advances to a lady who has said no so if Frodd wanted to shoot his shot with Venita, he is free to do so. We don’t think Frodd needs approval from Omashola as he has been dropping subtle hints to Venita that he is interested in her. The question here is – when will this ship sail?

Seeking Assurance

Jackye had a moment after the Eviction and she turned to Mike for reassurance. Jackye who shed a few tears in her conversation with Mike was worried that people were going to view her differently after her chat with Ebuka. Mike, however, thought differently as he assured her that everything is going to be fine and she shouldn’t worry about what she has no control over. We can conclude that Mike did a great job playing counselor as the tears dried off from Jackye’s eyes soon after his pep talk.

1564969987 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 2.33.52 am

The Friction Continues

During the Eviction show, Frodd mentioned to Ebuka that Esther was one of the Housemates that made his tenure as HoH difficult. Whether he did that to goad Esther, we might never know but Esther was clearly angry about that. In her chat with Diane and Mercy in the garden, Esther said she already apologized to Frodd and saw no need to have brought the matter up again. She further let the ladies know that she was a bigger person and that was why she made amends with him.

Esther did not let this slide as she also mentioned this to Frodd during their shared meal in the kitchen. We wonder if this pair will settle whatever is between them amicably.

1564970029 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 2.32.56 am

Much Ado About Food

Put the Pepper Dem gang in a food crisis and what you get are super spicy reactions.

A little talk between Mercy, Enkay, and Venita about food this morning gingered the latter to air her opinion. Since losing their Wager, the Pepper Dem gang have shown us how much they like food. If they don’t call a family meeting to rescue the situation, we will soon see some of them locking horns.

No Food Wastage

Since coming into the House, Venita seems determined to say to anyone who cares to listen that she can’t be taken for a ride. When Mercy told her and Enkay that Seyi kept soaked spaghetti in the kitchen, she flared up and stood up immediately. It seems she has had enough of food wastage, not even when there isn’t much to go round.

With the way she dashed into the room, we thought she was going to pounce on Seyi for that. Instead, she was seen ranting about Tacha, Seyi, and Mercy being the ones who frequent the kitchen the most. Seated there hearing her, Seyi did not budge on his seat. But that was him. If he could stomach being called out like that, not Tacha. She must have heard Venita as she passed by, so she responded as e dey hot, ‘If you’re going to be talking about people like that, please count me out’, she said, “Stop mentioning my name.” She concluded. As if that statement meant silence, Venita abruptly stopped talking and went back to the garden. Perhaps, the statement that when two irons meet, one would bend for the other seemed at play here.


1565006971 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 1.08.30 pm

Gossip Time

After that incident, Venita returned to her gist partners where they complained about certain Housemates who felt that they could get away with anything in the House. This statement impressed Frodd who quickly chirped in, ‘Some people ate three different meals yesterday.’ Who wouldn’t know that they were referring to Tacha, Seyi, and Cindy, because these three have literally made a home of the kitchen? But the gist would not end there. Referring to Tacha, she wondered why a certain Housemate believes that shouting every time makes you a star. ‘An empty vessel makes the loudest noise,’ she said. Do we see a fight brimming between her and Tacha soon?

1565006824 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 9.57.27 am

Still On The Food Matter

Due to the shortage of food, Mercy felt that the House should have a meeting about the cooking routine. She said cooking alone should no longer be allowed if they really wanted to manage with the little they have. In her response to Diane who wanted to cook, she said that must wait till they call for another meeting. But Esther would have none of that. In her gist with Diane in the dressing room, she said that nobody could stop her from cooking. Like the Iron Lady that she was, she led Diane to the kitchen where they started prepping a meal. Is this Esther playing big sister to Diane here or was she trying to challenge Mercy? What’s happening to the power puff girls camp?

The Pepper Dem gang likes food, no doubt about it. And we can sense some quarrels between those who will prefer cooking for themselves and those who like a family meal. Well, let’s see how it goes.

Seyi Rolls To Victory

Of all the members of the Pepper Dem gang, Seyi rolled the ball best. For this feat, the HoH title is his reward.

It was time for this week’s HoH challenge and the Housemates gathered in the lounge for a brief. Frodd read out the content of the scroll and they all looked on confused. Until he read it a second time, they had no idea what they were meant to do. After this, each picked a number card from a black magic hat that will later be used in the Arena for the challenge.

Roll the Ball

The task was a simple one. Called according to their card numbers, each Housemate was to press a bell button and head over to the next step. With one finger, they must roll the two pink balls provided across the top of the prism and go back to sound the bell again.

Seyi started first and he had to do it over and over again until Biggie reminded him of the rules again. With the way he went about it at first, we were not expecting anything impressive. But by the time he finished, we realized how wrong we have been. He ended up finishing in 45 seconds. Except for Jackye and Khafi who finished within 3:55 and 4:30 respectively, TachaDianeCindy and, Enkay whose hand was shaking all through, didn’t get it right until the time elapsed. Despite finishing in 3:55, Jackye was disqualified for supporting the ball with her thumb.

1565020109 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 2.23.41 pm

Who Got It Right And Who Didn’t

Some of the Housemates managed to roll the ball across the top of the prism successfully, but others couldn’t. Below is how they fared.

Housemate Finished within
Seyi 45:23
Tacha 6
Diane 6
Jackye 3:55
Enkay 6
Omashola 2
Cindy 6
Khafi 4:30
Gedoni 6
Venita 6
Mercy 2:54
Esther 6-
Sir Dee 6
Mike 6
Ike 6
Joe 2:51
Frodd 6
Elozonam 6

The Winner

Being the only one who finished within 45:23, Seyi emerged the winner of the challenge and was thus declared HoH for the week. With this comes some luxuries – immunity from Nomination, a luxury room and 250 Bet9ja Coins. Congrats, Sugar Daddy!

1565020193 34 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 2.22.23 pm

Because of how the two have started to bond since their return from the Secret Room, it was natural to expect Seyi would pick Tacha to share the special room. But to our shock, he went for Esther. Well, when we remember the little friction he had with Frodd the other day, we felt like, yeah, he wanted to pepper him.

What an interesting and yes, tactic challenge! With Seyi as the new HoH, we sure are in for some drama in the House this week. We can’t wait.

To Your Teams, Oh Housemates

No Nominations tonight, but there’s more.

If there’s anything the Pepper Dem Gang have to get used to, it’s the frequent twists in the Big Brother Naija House. Today’s twist saw no Nominations for Eviction, rather the Housemates were divided into two different Teams named ‘The Icons’ and ‘Cruisetopia’ to compete in Big Brother Naija Challenges.

Startled by Biggie’s announcement that they move to the Arena instead of the Diary Room where they usually made their weekly Nominations, the Pepper Dem gang proceeded to divide themselves into two different Teams.

The Division Process

After being made to select a drum for each gender, Housemates were made to pick one armband from each drum which contained both red and green armbands. Upon picking one, they were to wear it and proceed promptly to the box with the matching colour of the armband.

The Team Each Housemate Fell Into

Elozonam and Cindy were the first to make a pick and what a coincidence! They both picked armbands with the same colour and landed on the same Team.

Here’s the camp all your Pepper Dem Housemate landed.

Red (The Icons) Green (Cruisetopia)
Cindy Diane
Elozonam Esther
Enkay Gedoni
Frodd Jackye
Ike Joe
Khafi Mercy
Omashola Mike
Sir Dee Seyi
Tacha Venita

The Icons

1565035132 56 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 7.25.39 pm


1565035094 56 screenshot 2019 08 05 at 7.29.42 pm

What’s in Store for Each Camp?

This new twist means all the Housemates will henceforth play all the Big Brother Naija Games in their selected Teams. Housemates don’t get to change camps and Team Challenges will be designed to reward the winning Team and punish the losing Team.

No longer will they have the usual Nomination process of putting up fellow Housemates up, instead they will be having Nomination Challenges. The losing team of the Nomination Challenge will automatically have all the team members up for possible Eviction. This also affects the Wager Task. The winning Team will have weekly supplies while the losing Team will have nothing.

The Housemates React

“I will rest, no more Nominations!”

A visibly excited Tacha screamed as she couldn’t hide her excitement at not being put up for Eviction this week. Tacha has been a constant feature on the list of Housemates up for Eviction every week and her joy is quite understandable. Omashola too was relieved as he showed his joy in his typical boisterous manner.

This new twist has changed the Game as team members have each other to count on to survive being put up for Eviction. Do the teammates have what it takes to keep each other from being Nominated? Time will tell.

Watch the Team Grouping Process

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