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#BBTitans: Khosi, Yaya and Yemi Cregx in love triangle

Big Brother Titans housemate Khosi and Yemi Cregx hit it off as soon as they entered Biggie’s house on Sunday, January 15.

The two housemates have been flirting and keep reaching new heights in their relationship with every hour spent together.

But on day 2 of their budding romance, a third party seemed to be making her way into the mix.

Up until now, Khosi and Yemi Cregx have remained the most stable potential relationship in the house.

In the early hours of Monday, January 16, the two had a spicy conversation about their connection and also shared a kiss.

During the conversation, Khosi expressed her discomfort with people’s perceptions of their relationship. The two came to an agreement to remain cautious about the way they move and decided to put a pause on their relationship.

That didn’t last long, however, as they spent all of Tuesday unable to keep their hands off each other. The duo also had a steamy chat and a second kiss.

Later in the evening, fellow housemate Yaya joined Yemi Cregx for an intimate conversation about how things have been going in the house.

Looking into his eyes, Yaya asked him if he struggled to maintain eye contact during conversations with people.

Taken back by the question, Yemi said he found the question both strange and confident. Yaya explained that she felt his eyes were all over the place during the chat, and she wasn’t the focal point of his focus.

While the two did not advance their chat into the territory of romance, there’s reason to believe they have started an interesting journey in the house.

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