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School Shoes Edition by Ruff & Tumble

It’s back to school season and we know you’re on the lookout for all things school related, from uniforms and bags to the king pin of school supplies; school shoes!! It’s important to get the best quality possible and to do so you need to be aware of the essential features of school shoes to ensure your kids shoes are both comfortable and durable;

Breathable linings; effectively reduces bacteria’s that cause odors, claw toes and athletes foot.

Scuff resistance; so that the kids can run, play and stomp around without worrying about friction scratches on their shoes.

According to Nike Ogunlesi, the creative director Ruff & Tumble “Genuine leather; shoes made with genuine leather are water resistant, durable, easy to clean and keep the feet/socks smelling fresh for much longer than synthetic materials”

With more than 20 years’ experience of clothing you, Ruff N tumble is excited to announce that we are extending our passion into caring for your feet. Our new collection of school shoes is manufactured with care, love and next level craftmanship to accommodate all your shoe needs! Comfortable and durable, every seam, every design tells a story as you STEP OUT IN STYLE.

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