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One kid dead after househelp set boss’ children ablaze

According to Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani, his cousins were set on fire three weeks ago by the househelp for no ‘concrete’ reason

Two kids identified as Ekene and Ebuka, were left fighting for their lives after they were set on fire by an ‘evil’ househelp.


According to Facebook user, Kingsley Chukwuemeka Ubani who shared the report, his cousins were set on fire three weeks ago by the househelp for no ‘concrete’ reason. He further disclosed that one of the kids, Ekene, who fought so hard to live, is dead.

Here’s what he wrote;

May be its time to talk about this. About three weeks ago, my two little cousins met a near fatal fate as their house help, a minor set them ablaze for no concrete reason.

My boy Ekene and his brother Ebuka fought hard. This night, around 1am, news reached us that Ekene has lost the battle. Ebuka is still fighting on. Please pray for my boy Ebuka.


One kid dead after househelp set boss' children ablaze lailasnews 1

This follows up a report a Nigerian makeup artist, Tasala who finally nabbed her househelp, Victoria Ogbu who stole her personal items and also cash.

According to Tasala, the househelp was caught months after she stole dollars from a well concealed place. She took to Instagram to shared videos of her begging and wrote;

This househelp matter in Nigeria is just getting more and more ridiculous.
This is Victoria Ogbu. My househelp for the last 8 months.

Paid well, works minimal hours, treated like a household member. Caught her today and she confessed with her own mouth. She has been steadily stealing personal effects and cash. Caught her today after she stole dollars from a well concealed place. And the most annoying thing is the way they start crying and begging once caught. This has been going on for months! You treat them well but they have no conscience and will happily rob you blind.

Thankfully I had links to someone that knows her family and her account details, ID and BVN so there was no escape for her. More items were recovered from her house by the police. Please let’s all be very cautious and vigilant with people we let into our homes and personal space.

Even with all the background checks and guarantors nothing is safe.
Get your domestic staff registered at your local police station, have copies of their ID and BVN and if possible get cameras installed in your home. Especially when you have kids. God help us all!! #Thief!! #takenoteofherface #lekki #yesIamexposingher #beforeshedoesittosomeoneelse #nexttimemaybeworse #temporarypost”

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