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This look book was inspired by the versatility of the modern day woman. She is strong yet sensual, bold, feminine, leads her own life and is constantly evolving. The Emem dress for instance seeks to depict a woman who is multi-dimensional. She keeps giving and living differently from every angle while The Caroline dress tells a story of a woman who is completey in charge of her body and wears anything she wants.

The lookbook features strong and bold colours like red, purple and black. The cuts are ravishingly fearless, and generally, there is a detailed visibility of volume and swift movements going on. The Roulette for example which is a fringed black and white with a pop of red is a woman that moves swiftly and confidently against the black and white of the society. She has no fear of being judged. She is her own light.

The Diva and Ghost Pepper are utter descriptions of a woman full of life and strength and bursting with the sensuality of her womanliness. She knows the room stops when she walks in, and she is not interested in toning down herself to please or be accepted. She is fun, she is royalty, and she embodies it.
Also, silhouettes were an important part of telling these stories. While Roulette and Caroline hugged and accentuated the curves, Emem gently flowed into a tiny bouncy flare while Amoria is a regal lady that does not try too hard but is still ravishing and beautiful.

Lastly, the muse was the most important part of this project. Often times, muses are fashion models with figures that are almost unrelatable to the every day woman. This was why we picked a real curvy beautiful woman. Now, no one has to imagine what the outfits would look like on a fuller figure.

So much love and heart was put into the creation of these pieces and we do hope that every woman feels as beautiful as they can be in these pieces.



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