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Man Arrested For Allegedly defiling His 10-Year-Old Daughter In

The police have arrested a man who allegedly defiled his 10-year-old daughter.

Akarauwa Eke who lived in Imo State with his daughter, a primary school student, was exposed after he came to pick her from school but she refused to follow him. When asked why, she said, “My father is doing me bad bad things.”

This got people curious and following investigations carried out by teachers of the girl’s school, it was discovered that the father had been defiling the child at home. A series of tests carried out at the hospital confirmed she had been defiled and her father was arrested by the police in Imo State.

A non-governmental organization, Virgin Heart Foundation, said it was partnering Women of Divine Destiny Initiatives, an organization owned by the wife of the governor of the state, to ensure justice for the girl.

Source: Punch

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