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Our luxury hair business grew during recession – Idowu

The Founder and Creative Director of Hair We Are, Olanike Idowu, has said her luxury read-to-wear hair business grew and significantly increased its customer base during the recent economic recession that hit Nigeria.
Idowu, who said this at GTBank Fashion Weekend in Lagos, noted that the economic crunch had led the Nigerian women realising that it was more cost-effective to buy one luxury ready-to-wear hair that would last several years than having to buy hair often.

She said, “For us, business was good during recession because women realised they couldn’t continue buying hair every now and then. They needed to invest in one that will last them forever. We opened our first shop two years ago, during the recession. Trust me, our market share in the high-end market is significant. Our customer base keeps increasing every day. The value of our product stands out so much that we don’t need to market too much.
“Other people seeing our products on our customers always ask them where did you get this from. That is the feedback we get always. Yes, there is recession but we can’t complain. Women always wear hair no matter what. So they’ve bought bad hair and have seen somebody who sells great hair, why won’t they invest in great hair that will last them forever, and also help them achieve the look they want.”

Idowu noted that Hair We Are had created the 150 different ready-to-wear hairstyles giving their customers a wide range of products to choose from based on either texture or price.
She said, “In our niche, we are the first to open a big shop with a stock of about 150 different ready-to-wear hairstyles. On a typical Saturday, we get up to 20 to 30 customers coming in, picking up different hairstyle, so they can try out different looks. So that they know what looks right. It’s not about just getting it.

“Choosing a hairstyle at our shop is like a fun game. You try different hairstyles until you get the one that pops. The next question is: does it fall within your price range? As far as you are looking for luxury human hair, you will get something that fall within your price range.”

Idowu added that the because of its growing customer base, Hair We Are was working at getting a bigger, more comfortable and modern shops in different locations within and outside Lagos.
She said the business already has distributorships in places like Abuja and outside the country, with some people wanting to stock its products in South Africa.

L-R: Retail Marketing Manager, Hair We Are Nigeria, Tolu Abe, Model, Adebimpe Oyebade, Creative Director/CEO, Hair We Are Nigeria, Mrs. Olanike Idowu, and another Model, Opeyemi Sampson, showcasing the company’s brand of luxury crown wigs for women at the GT Fashion Weekend held in Lagos at the weekend.

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